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What is a sensor?

What is a sensor?

A sensor is a device or element that collects information on an object and converts it to a signal that can be processed by a machine.
Like humans that behave based on information obtained from their senses (visual, auditory, taste, touch, smell), machines operate (controls/processes) utilizing information from sensors.
Signals (physical quantities) that sensors collect and convert are varied and include temperature, light, color, atmospheric pressure, acceleration, and speed.
These types generally take advantage of material changes in semiconductors. There are also bio sensors that adopt biological substances such as enzymes and microorganisms.

IoT and Sensors

IoT (Internet of Things) refers to a network of devices connected to the Internet.
In addition to communications equipment such as smartphones and PCs, medical devices, wearables, vehicles, the natural environment, and infrastructure share information on the web, resulting in a connected society that leads to greater convenience, comfort, and security.
What is needed to achieve this are sensors that can detect various conditions.
[Terminology related to IoT]

IoT: Internet of Things

A concept that involves embedding sensors in wearable devices and connecting them to the Internet to enable communication between each other, people, and other devices.

Industry 4.0 (Germany)

A project jointly promoted by the government, industry, and academia in Germany aimed at the advancement of the manufacturing industry.
The goal is to revitalize businesses by creating new concepts and value through connected factories.

M2M: Machine to Machine

Technology used to enable networked devices to communicate directly without human intervention.
P2M: People to Machine
M2P: Machine to People

Industrial Internet

IoT strategies in industries advocating GE (General Electric Corp.) as its core.
Data collected from a variety of devices, termed ‘Big Data’ is analyzed and utilized for next-generation product development. The emphasis is on products and services.