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Zener Diode (ZD)

Structure and Features

Structure Symbol Applications・Characteristics
Diode Figure - Zener Diode Structure Diode Figure - Zener Diode Symbol
  • Used in constant voltage circuits
  • Protects ICs from damage due to surge currents and ESD
  • Generates a constant voltage when voltage is supplied in the reverse direction

Zener diodes are typically used in constant voltage circuits to ensure constant voltage even if the current fluctuates or as protection elements against surge currents and ESD. Unlike standard diodes that are employed in the forward direction, Zener diodes are designed to be used in the reverse direction. The reverse breakdown voltage of a Zener diode is referred to as the Zener voltage VZ, and the current value at this time is called the Zener current (IZ). In recent years, with the continuing miniaturization and increasing performance of electronic devices comes a need for more advanced protection devices, bringing about the emergence of TVS (Transient Voltage Suppression) diodes.

Diode Graph - Zener diodes maintain a constant voltage even with fluctuating currents
Key Points
  • Only Zener diodes are operated in the reverse direction

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