A Sub-GHz LSI is a wireless LSI that operates at a frequency of below 1 GHz.
A Sub-GHz LSI is used in telemeter fields such as smart meters and security fields such as fire alarms.
Among Sub-GHz, LPWA features of more than 1 km communication range, making it ideal for tracking and monitoring fields.
Although the operating frequencies differ from country to country, LAPIS Technology has a lineup of products that can be applied to any region with the wideband operation.

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      Sub-GHz LSIs


      A Sub-GHz LSI is a wireless LSI that operates at a frequency of below 1 GHz.
      ROHM offers a lineup of products that support various standards such as M-BUS, Wi-SUN, and Sigfox that use Sub-GHz.


      Smart-meter / telemeter

      Its low power consumption and ability of long distance communication enables telemeter applications. If meters (Gas or Electric etc.) have an unit with UHF communication technology, meter readers can gather data of each unit without visiting the actual units. This technology is also applied to telemetering vending machines or observing units used for weather forecasts.

      Home and building security

      Security systems such as lock control, fire alarm, intrusion detection/report system applies UHF technology.

      Logistics Tracking

      Tracking to confirm the location of things requires communication links over a wide area. Sigfox, one of the LPWA systems, is ideal because it has a wide service network.

      Infrastructure health monitoring

      LPWA wireless is effective in the condition of the expensive construction for a new power or in the long distance to correct sensor data like the bridge and the tunnel.

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