Product Longevity Program (PLP)

To provide a reliable option for industrial and other equipment with long life cycles, we disclose supply periods for products covered under our Product Longevity Program.

Program Overview

  1. Applicable Products: Products requiring long-term supply, mainly power devices and analog ICs
  2. Supply Period: 10 to 20 years (starting in April of each year)
  3. Program Policy: Posted information (applicable products and supply periods) is updated every April.
    Applicable Products: Addition of new products etc
    Supply Period: Shortened one year (There may be cases where the period is maintained.)
  4. Product support after the supply period ends: Shift to normal supply

Usage Precautions

The supply period indicated in this program is intended as a guide only.
To ensure stable supply, we may switch to another (equivalent) product during the program period.
In addition, we reserve the right to make changes or additions to product specifications, raw materials, manufacturing processes/methods/locations, etc. during the program period.
Please note that this program is subject to change or cancellation due to unavoidable circumstances, such as production difficulties or extremely low quantities caused by natural disasters.

Products Applicable for Long-Term Supply

Rohm PLP