Functional Safety

In recent years, drastic technological innovation in the industrial equipment market and automotive sectors following the emergence of automated driving and ADAS has brought about the need for standards such as ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 that define functional safety and contribute to the prevention of accidents in the event of an emergency for constructing safer systems. For example, in the automotive field a growing number of companies are promoting functional safety not only among vehicle manufacturers (OEMs), but Tier 1 electronics equipment suppliers as well, making it an increasingly important requirement worldwide. What’s more, in the 2nd Edition of the ISO 26262 standard on automotive functional safety released in December 2018, a new chapter was added containing guidelines on the application of semiconductors for functional safety.

ROHM’s Approach to Functional Safety

ROHM started the process of acquiring certification for ISO 26262, a functional safety standard for automotive electrical and electronic systems, in 2015, then acquired ISO 26262 development process certification from 3rd party certification body TÜV Rheinland in March 2018. As a result, ROHM’s development process is recognized as being compliant with ISO 26262 standard. At the same time, we have gradually expanded our portfolio to include documents required for functional safety in vehicles, and currently feature a lineup of more than 1,000 compatible part numbers.
Going forward, ROHM will continue to expand its lineup of functional safety products not only for the automotive sector, but for the industrial equipment field as well.

ISO 26262 process certification

Functional Safety Product Categories and Documents

ROHM has identified three functional safety product categories. (Currently, only the automotive field is supported.)

FS process compliant
Indicates that the IC was developed using ISO 26262-compliant processes conforming to the ASIL level.
FS mechanism implemented
Denotes that the IC is equipped with functional safety required by the ASIL level.
FS supportive
Indicates the automotive IC is able to support functional analysis related to functional safety.

List of Materials Provided

  FS Process Compliant FS Mechanism Implemented FS Supportive
Process Compliant
ISO 26262
Process Compliant
Safety Manual  

*FS supportive FMEDA does not include analysis such as hardware architecture metrics.

About ComfySILTM Brand

ROHM launched the ComfySILTM brand for customers involved in the design of functional safety to use products that support SIL (Safety Integrity Level) in a ‘Comfy’ (comfortable) manner, and for social systems' greater safety, security, and convenience to which ROHM can contribute through its products.
ComfySILTM is awarded to products that conform to the ComfySILTM concept for functional safety in the industrial equipment and automotive markets.

ComfySIL(TM) Brand

Compatible Products

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*ComfySILTM is a trademark or registered trademark of ROHM Co., Ltd.