Audio & Video

ROHM offers wide ranges of interface Audio ICs and Video ICs, such as Image Correction ICs, Audio Converters, Audio Amplifiers, Audio Processors, Video Amplifiers.

It is the masterpiece of ROHM audio IC which pursues both the numerical values and sound quality performance required in an audio device to the utmost limits and created through the ardency of ROHM engineers. That is ROHM Musical Device "MUS-IC".
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Audio & Video
Audio Amplifiers

Audio Amplifiers (51)

ROHM offers a variety of audio amps, including speaker amps, headphone amps, line amps, and isolation amps, ideal for a wide range of applications.

Audio Processors

Audio Processors (55)

ROHM's audio processor has digital , analog and media converter.

Power Supply ICs for Audio

Lineup optimized for audio equipment such as high fidelity audio or car audio.

Video Amplifiers

Video Amplifiers (23)

ROHM offers a wide lineup of compact composite video amps from single to multi-input as well as video switches and isolation amps.

Audio Converters

Audio Converters (2)

ROHM's audio converters integrate microphone amplifiers, speaker amplifiers, and headphone amplifiers into a single chip. These are optimal ICs for audio recording and playback functions.

Image Correction ICs

Image Correction ICs (2)

ROHM image correction ICs offer real-time video monitoring for car navigation and monitors.


LAPIS Semiconductor's video LSI is applied to variegated car accessories and other various applications such as surveillance cameras and portable games, etc.