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  • What's a Class D speaker amp and how does it differ from an analog amp?
    • The Class D speaker amp's drive output stage utilizes high efficiency PWM drive (H or L) based on the output signal level. This results in low power loss and high efficiency (85-90%).In contrast, conventional analog amps feature Class AB output, requiring (among other things) a bias current. The result is low efficiency and high heat generation, requiring an external heat sink.
  • Is an output LC filter required?
    • Based on the application a simple filter (i.e. ferrite beads, ceramic capacitor) can be used. For example, active speakers used for compact LCDs or iPod docks are products that use short speaker cables, while large-screen LCDs require longer speaker cables, resulting in the generation of unwanted radiation (EMI) requiring countermeasures (i.e. filters).
  • What is BTL output method?
    • It is the abbreviation of Bridge Tied Load.
      It reverses the speaker both terminals to connect by using two amplifier circuits compared with a usual single amplifier. If without output coupling capacitor,it may has an advantage that output electric power quadruples.
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