Terms of Use of Social Networking Service

  1. Regarding the use of the social media public account of ROHM Co., Ltd. and its group companies (hereinafter collectively “ROHM”) and its accompanying service (hereinafter collectively “Service”), the terms of use (hereinafter “Terms”) shall be stipulated as following. Further, the persons who read or utilize Service (hereinafter “User”) shall be deemed to have agreed to this Terms. The social media public account of ROHM shall be managed by ROHM utilizing the outside companies’ service such as Twitter, Inc. (hereinafter each “SNS Service”), and each SNS Service shall not be under the ROHM’s control.
  2. Service shall be provided for the purpose of giving the information such as ROHM’s company activities and merchandise contents etc.
  3. Terms shall be applied to ROHM and User while providing, reading, and/or utilizing Service.
  4. Since the copyrights, trademark rights, portrait rights, and the other rights of the information (photograph etc.), which ROHM has submitted to Service, shall belong to ROHM or ROHM’s licensor, User shall not use, reproduce, duplicate, distribute, and/or modify etc. all of part of such information, without obtaining the ROHM’s prior written consent, beyond the extent admitted by the laws and regulations.
  5. ROHM prohibits User from doing the following acts while utilizing Service:
    1. the acts which disturb the operation of Service, or any other acts which may pose an obstacle to Service;
    2. the acts which infringe or may infringe the right or profit of ROHM, ROHM employees, other Users, and/or other third party;
    3. the acts which maliciously slander, defame, or damage trust or privacy etc. of, ROHM, ROHM employees, other Users, and/or other third party, or the acts which have the possibility of these acts;
    4. the acts which specify, disclose, or leak the personal information or confidential information without the consent of the person in question;
    5. the acts such as submission using the obscene expressions;
    6. the acts which breach or may breach the terms of use etc. of each SNS Service;
    7. the acts which are or may be contrary to the public order or morality;
    8. the acts which violate or may violate the laws and regulations;
    9. the acts in relation to politics, election, religion, invitation to network business etc., or the acts similar to these;
    10. the acts utilizing each SNS Service pretending to be third party or ROHM;
    11. the acts which are or may be connected with criminal acts; or
    12. the other acts which ROHM judges to be inappropriate.
  6. In case User breaches this Terms, ROHM may, without ROHM’s prior notice nor User’s approval, delete the notes or replies (comment etc.), or, by account block etc., restrict and/or stop the Service use by such User, and User shall not object to such ROHM’s measures (User shall not exercise the intellectual property rights such as copyrights and/or moral rights of author etc.).
  7. In case User breaches this Terms, and cause the tangible or intangible damages to ROHM, ROHM employees, other Users, and/or other third parties, such User shall compensate such damages by such User’s own responsibility and burden, and ROHM does not owe any responsibility.
  8. In case ROHM incurred the damages caused by the User’s acts, such User shall owe the responsibility to compensate all damages, whichever tangible or intangible, which ROHM has incurred.
  9. ROHM does not owe any obligation to reply to the submissions or comments made by User.
  10. ROHM may, within the scope permitted based on the terms of use of each SNS Service, access the information which User publishes on the account of each SNS Service. In case User utilizes Service, User shall be deemed to agree that the information which User has published may be obtained by ROHM.
  11. ROHM will comply with “Act on the Protection of Personal Information”, and in case ROHM acquires the personal information, relating to the Service utilization, such as User’s name, address, telephone number, facsimile number, and/or e-mail address etc., ROHM will deal with such personal information according to the “Privacy Policy” which appears in the following ROHM website.
  12. ROHM neither guarantees the accuracy, properness, nor fitness for any particular purpose of the information displayed or provided with respect to Service. In addition, ROHM neither guarantees nor approve in relation to the information displayed or provided with respect to Service, and the submission, change, and renewal etc. of such information, and ROHM does not owe any responsibility relating to the damages or troubles etc. occurred to User and/or a third party. Further, ROHM does not owe any responsibility for the damages and/or losses etc. incurred in relation to the Service utilization.
  13. Regarding the submission which a third party made in relation to Service, ROHM does not owe any responsibility, and such third party’s submission neither be supported by ROHM nor represent the ROHM’s opinion.
  14. Regardless of the reading environment such as the browser’s kind etc. or any other reasons, ROHM neither owe any responsibility for any and all damages (including but not limited to the damages such as the lost profit, suspension of User’s business, information loss), disadvantage, nor trouble, which User or a third party has incurred because User could not utilize Service.
  15. In case User utilizes Service, User shall be deemed to have previously agreed that ROHM may change the Terms without any prior notice etc. ROHM will carry the changed the Terms on ROHM’s website, and by such carrying, such change becomes valid.
  16. ROHM may suspend or finish the part or whole of Service managed by ROHM without any prior notice to User. In case User or a third party incurred the damages caused by such suspension or finishing, ROHM does not owe any responsibility.
  17. The ROHM’s Service management, the User’s Service utilization, and/or the Terms’ interpretation and/or application shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Regarding the Service utilization and the dispute relating to this Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Kyoto District Court in Japan in the first instance.
  18. Please understand in advance that the questions or inquiries on Service cannot be answered. For the questions or inquiries, please utilize the 「Contact US」form in the ROHM website.