Bipolar Transistors

ROHM bipolar transistors are available in various packages such as small signal, thin type, and power package. They feature low VCE (sat) and low loss, and supply power bipolars with large collector currents that are optimal for gate drive circuits of SiC, IGBT, and MOSFET. Automotive products comply with the AEC-Q101 standard of the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC).

General Purpose Bipolar Transistors

General Purpose Bipolar Transistors (336)

Available in the variety of packages having the nature such as small-signal, thin and high-power to cover the market extensively.
P/N Bare Die/Wafer Availability

Digital Transistors

Digital Transistors (737)

Digital transistors are invented by Rohm first in the market, which is the transistor combining built-in resistor(s) for convenience of digital circuit. This product segment is becoming further extensive as in ultra-small packages for space-saving and also with various combination of resistor layout/resistance value.

Darlington Transistors (5)

ROHM's Darlington transistors line up a variety of products such as small type and middle power type.

Complex Transistors

Complex Transistors (3)

This group of transistors are hybrid transistor with other device as combination listed below in ultra-small package type, small power type and so on, for the benefit of space saving and components reduction.

Transistor Arrays (2)

ROHM transistor arrays integrate 7 NPN Darlington transistors on a single chip, along with individual clamp diodes for output surge absorption.