Specified Low Power Radio Modules

Wi-SUN is an abbreviation for Wireless Smart Utility Network, which is a next-generation wireless communication standard that has received a great deal of attention due to the adoption of this Wi-SUN in smart meters of Japan's leading electric power companies. In Japan, it is used in the 920MHz band called specific low power radio. The 920MHz band is a radio wave band that is unlikely to cause radio wave interference with existing radios, has low power consumption, and is capable of long-distance data communication. Compared to 2.4 GHz used by ZigBee and Bluetooth, the 920 MHz band has excellent radio wave wraparound characteristics. Therefore, it is possible to ensure stable communication even in the presence of walls and obstacles. It has already been used in the United States, China, South Korea, and Australia, and Europe is also considering opening regulations. It is believed that this will continue to expand the market.
Wi-SUN Modules