Design Models

ROHM offers various simulation models for circuit and thermal simulations of discretes and ICs, including power devices.
They can be downloaded from individual product pages or using the following links.

Circuit Simulation Models

SPICE models for circuit simulation are provided according to the simulation tools used.

  Simulation Tools
PSpice® Other
Discretes*1 SPICE Model LTspice® Model
ICs*2 PSpice® Model Unencrypted SPICE Model



Thermal Simulation Models

We offer SPICE and PLECS® models of discretes for thermal simulations along with 2-resistor models of ICs for use with CFD tools.

  Simulation Tools
Discretes*1 SPICE Thermal Model PLECS® Model -
ICs*2 - - Two-Resistor Model



*A white paper containing information useful for the thermal design of power devices is also available.
4 Steps for Successful Thermal Designing of Power Devices



  • IBIS Model:Models that can be used for transmission line simulations.

Optical Semiconductors

  • Ray File:Ray File data for use in optical simulations.

※ Please note that circuit and thermal simulation models are not available for all products.

*1 Discretes refer to power devices, MOSFETs, transistors, diodes, etc.
*2 ICs refer to op amps, power management ICs, power supply ICs, etc.
*3 PSpice® is a registered trademark of Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
*4 LTspice® is a registered trademark of Analog Devices, Inc.
*5 PLECS® is . a registered trademark of Plexim, Inc.
*6 CFD stands for Computational Fluid Dynamics.
*7 Simcenter Flotherm™ is a registered trademark of Siemens Digital Industries Software, Inc.