Switch & Multiplexer & Logic

ROHM offers wide ranges of switches, multiplexer and logic ICs, such as Standard Logic, Serial-in/Parallel -out Drivers, GPIO, Power Management Switch ICs, Capacitive Switch Control ICs.

Switch & Multiplexer & Logic
Standard Logic

Standard Logic (18)

ROHM offers a variety of logic ICs designed for specific functions. Select from switch, shift register, logic gate, and multiplexer types.

Serial-in/Parallel-out Drivers

Serial-in/Parallel-out Drivers (8)

Serial-in/Parallel-out Drivers

USB Switch ICs

USB Switch ICs (4)

The switch series of ROHM is classified depending on the number of channels, paths, and the kind of the signals. these comes pond to various applications.

Power Management Switch ICs

Power Management Switch ICs (96)

ROHM power management switch ICs integrate a low ON-resistance MOSFET and multiple protection circuits on a single chip, resulting in low loss, high efficiency, and stable, reliable operation - all on a single chip. Ideal for power management in USB memory sticks, expansion modules for PCs, and other digital devices.


IPDs (27)

The IPD (intelligent power device) series of the ROHM is a universal switch of the automotive grade that integrated low on resistance MOSFET and various protection circuit into one chip. For overheat, an overcurrent, overvoltage and a load short circuit, provide the protection of the higher level. Including resistant capacity-related inducible load installed in the engine room, a compartment, be available in product machine applications.

Capacitive Switch Control ICs

Capacitive Switch Control ICs (8)

ROHM electrostatic sensor control ICs integrate sensor data processing and application functions, reducing host CPU load.