Topology Selection

When designing a power supply circuit, it is necessary to select a circuit configuration (topology) that matches the required specifications, since input voltage, output voltage, power, isolation, etc. vary depending on the application. In addition, the optimum component selection differs depending on the topology. If the wrong components are selected, the required specifications will not be met and the circuit design will have to be rework. The following table shows the most suitable devices for various topologies, which can be used as a reference for selecting the topology and selecting the most suitable components for the topology to reduce the design man-hours.


Function Topology name Vin Vo Applications
Power Converter
xEV Charging
Motor Drive
AC/DC Boost PFC 85 - 265VAC 400VDC Coming Soon
Interleaved PFC 85 - 265VAC 400VDC
Totem-Pole Bridgeless PFC
(Diode Rectification)
85 - 265VAC 400VDC
Totem-Pole Bridgeless PFC
(Synchronous FETs)
85 - 265VAC 400VDC
DC/DC LLC Converter
(Full Bridge, Synchronous FETs)
400VDC 12 - 48VDC
Phase-Shifted Full Bridge Converter
(Synchronous FETs)
400VDC 12 - 48VDC