LLC Converter (Full Bridge, Diode Rectification)


This topology can achieve ZVS operation (primary side switch) and ZCS operation (secondary side switch) simultaneously. It realizes low noise and high efficiency by generating a sinusoidal current waveform with the switch network and resonant circuit.
This circuit consists of a full bridge switch circuit on the primary side and a center-tap transformer on the secondary side, commonly used for relatively high power (500W to several kW) and low output voltage.


- Series resonance between Cr and Lr
- Lr is sometimes implemented as the leakage inductance of the transformer
- Voltage control is done through frequency high complexity design
- Soft switching is defined by magnetizing inductance Lm, not function of the load.
- Efficiency around 98% suits Titanium!
- Frequency 100..200 kHz



Key Products

Product Category Product family Product Number Feature
Primary Side 750V SiC MOSFET SCT4xxxDx series NEW The latest SiC MOSFET device. Enhanced low on-resistance enable best in class performance. It supports 750 V withstand voltage, ensuring a higher operating margin than conventional products, and can be used safely.
650V SiC MOSFET SCT3xxxAx series Trench-gate SiC MOSFET with low on-resistance (50% reduction) compared to conventional products.
Secondary Side 30~200V SBD RBQ, RBxx8 series Ultra low IR SBD is suitable for rectification purpose, RBxx8 series has wide range of voltage choise
Gate Driver 3750V voltage tolerance BM61x4xRFV 1ch configuration, 3,750Vrms isolated type Gate Driver, can be used for switching devices with current source pins.


C-013 : LLC Converter (Full bridge, Diode Rectification)

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