ROHM Solution Simulator

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Added industrial step-down DC/DC converter simulation circuit for the BD9G500EFJ
Added fixed output voltage simulation circuit for the BD9P series
Added PFC User's Guide
Added LLC Full Bridge simulation circuit.
Added P3-Level Inverter Type-I simulation circuit.
Added P3-Level Inverter Type-T simulation circuit.
Added 3-system power supply tree simulation circuit (automotive reference design).
Added 4-system power supply tree simulation circuit (automotive reference design).
Added variable output voltage simulation circuit for the BD9P series
Added 2 models from the BD183xx series (LED drivers)
Added 5 models from the BD9E series (switching regulators)
Added 10 new linear regulator models.
Released ROHM Solution Simulator.


Possible Operations

  • Introducing ROHM Solution Simulator

    <3 min 4 Sec.>

  • Selecting Solution Circuits

    <27 Sec.>

  • Selecting Devices and Changing Parameters

    <32 Sec.>

  • Running Simulations and Displaying Results

    <31 Sec.>

  • Ordering Samples

    <29 Sec.>

  • Changing Circuits and Adding Components

    <42 Sec.>

  • Access Method

    <52 Sec.>

Key Features of ROHM Solution Simulator

  • A broad library of high power circuits allows users to quickly check power device characteristics, eliminating the need for topology circuit design.

    Multiple PFC, inverter, and DC/DC circuit topologies are offered that incorporate power devices such as SiC. These power devices can be changed and simulated, making it easy to compare characteristics. In addition, a gate drive circuit is included that enables simulation in an environment close to that of a real system.

  • Easily design peripheral component constants for switching regulators, linear regulators, and LED drivers

    A simulation of the application circuit listed in the datasheet is provided, allowing users to simulate the startup waveforms and phase characteristics with a single click. Of course, it is also possible to perform simulation by changing the peripheral component constants and input/output conditions based on customer requirements.

  • Free and easy to use

    Simply register with My ROHM to perform free web-based simulations without the need to install troublesome software. In addition, pre-configured circuits make it possible to immediately run simulations.

  • Easily add components and change circuits

    Developed based on the SystemVision® Cloud(SVC) simulation platform from Mentor Graphics, a leader in electronic design automation software with an extensive track record in the automotive industry, users can freely change circuits and add components by simply copying the circuit to SVC.

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