Laser Diodes

ROHM make semiconductor laser which is proud of the production volume of top class. Wide line-up such as optical disk use, printer use and sensor use is arranged.
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Laser Diodes

Infrared Lasers (11)

ROHM's market-proven Infrared laser diodes are optimized for CD playback as well as sensor applications.

Red Lasers (9)

ROHM offers industry-leading 660nm laser diodes that not are not only ideal for DVD playback, but for sensor and barcode reader applications as well.

Red/Infrared Dual Wave Lasers (1)

ROHM is among the market leaders in 2-wavelength laser diodes for CD/DVD playback.

Multi Beam Lasers

ROHM, a leading supplier of multibeam laser diodes for printers, offers a 2-beam laser diode and is currently developing 660nm 2-/4-beam and 780nm 4-beam types.