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New Product Release
New Product Release-Memory
New Product Release-Amplifiers & Linear
New Product Release-Power Management
New Product Release-Clocks & Timers
New Product Release-Switch & Multiplexer & Logic
New Product Release-Data Converter
New Product Release-Sensors & MEMS
New Product Release-Display Drivers
New Product Release-Motor / Actuator Drivers
New Product Release-Interface
New Product Release-Communication LSI (LAPIS)
New Product Release-Audio & Video
New Product Release-Speech Synthesis LSI (LAPIS)
New Product Release-Microcontrollers (LAPIS)
New Product Release-MOSFETs
New Product Release-Bipolar Transistors
New Product Release-Diodes
New Product Release-Power Transistors
New Product Release-Power Diodes
New Product Release-SiC Power Devices
New Product Release-GaN Power Device
New Product Release-IGBT
New Product Release-IPM
New Product Release-Resistors
New Product Release-Conductive Polymer Capacitors
New Product Release-Tantalum Capacitors
New Product Release-Wireless Communication Modules
New Product Release-Wireless Charger Modules
New Product Release-Printheads
New Product Release-LED
New Product Release-LED Displays
New Product Release-Laser Diodes
New Product Release-Optical Sensors
New Product Release-Thin-Film Piezoelectric MEMS
New Product Release-Wafer (LAPIS)
New Product Release-WL-CSP (LAPIS)
What Are RSS Feeds?

RSS(Really simple syndication) is a popular way to distribute new product information and website updates to subscribers automatically. 
RSS feeds provide an easy way to stay current with all major changes or additions to our website.

How Do I Use RSS?

To subscribe to RSS feeds, you will need a news reader—a program or service that lets you subscribe to RSS feeds from as many sources as you like. The most common way is to add the RSS feed to your My Yahoo!® home page. Separate news reader programs are available and many are free. Examples we have used:

How Do I Subscribe?

Subscribe to a feed by clicking on one of the feed link buttons at this page and then copying the location (URL) from the address bar of your browser to your clipboard. Follow the instructions for your particular RSS reader, and then paste the location (URL) wherever it asks for the location of the service to which you wish to subscribe.