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Single-end Flyback with RCD snubber (AC/DC IC version)


Flyback topologies are the most common and widely used topologies in auxiliary power supply design. Fly-back converter could be single phase as well as three phase types.  Fly- back is most commonly used due to its simplicity in design and control, less components, low cost solution, and built-in galvanic isolation.  
Single end fly-back is typically used for the power supplies < 250W.


An overview of relevant components, power class and topologies is shown in below table.



Key Products

Product Category Product family Product Number Remark
AC/DC IC Integrated PWM controller with built-in Si MOSFET BM2P101FK-LBZ <20W DIP7 Package
Brown Out for SEMI F47 AC Dip requirement
Integrated PWM controller with built-in 730V Si MOSFET BM2P060MF-Z <50W No need of heat sink, Discharge resistor, X-cap, all in one package
Diode (D1)
Secondary Rectifier
Schottky Barrier Diodes RBQ/RBxx8 series Ultra low IR SBD is suitable for rectification purpose, RBxx8 series has wide range of voltage choise
Diode (D1)
800V Si FRD RFS series Lower Vf than RSV series, but ultra fast switching capability


C-010. DC-DC Flyback Converter Vin=800V, Vo=25V, Io=10A

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