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Totem-Pole Bridgeless PFC (Diode Rectification)


It consists of an inductor for boosting, a switch with a totem pole connection for switching at higher frequencies, and a switching diode for lower frequencies. The switch acts as a boost converter when the input voltage is positive and negative half cycle respectively. The totem pole structure solves the recovery loss problem of rectifier diodes.


- Single stage PFC
- Low frequency leg with FRDs for reduced costs
- Efficiency higher than 98.5%
- Frequency from 48 to 150 kHz



Key Products

Product Category Product family Product Number Feature
Transistor 750V SiC MOSFET SCT4XXXDx series NEW The latest SiC MOSFET device. Enhanced low on-resistance enable best in class performance. It supports 750 V withstand voltage, ensuring a higher operating margin than conventional products, and can be used safely.
650V SiC MOSFET SCT3xxxAx series Trench-gate SiC MOSFET with low on-resistance (50% reduction) compared to conventional products.
Diodes 650V Si FRD RFS series Lower Vf than RSV series, but ultra fast switching capability
RFL series Improve fast switching capability than RFN series.
Diodes 600 V Si FRD RFN series / RFNL Series The low Vf type FRD is suitable for rectification, and achieves low loss even at high current.
Gate Driver BM60212FV-C High side/low side driver with high withstand voltage (1200V). A mirror clamp function and under voltage lockout function (UVLO) are built in.
BM61X4XRFV 1ch configuration, 3,750Vrms isolated type Gate Driver, can be used for switching devices with current source pins.


A-011 : Totem-Pole Bridgeless PFC (Diode Rectification)

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