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Totem-Pole Bridgeless PFC (Diode Rectification)


It consists of an inductor for boosting, a switch with a totem pole connection for switching at higher frequencies, and a switching diode for lower frequencies. The switch acts as a boost converter when the input voltage is positive and negative half cycle respectively. The totem pole structure solves the recovery loss problem of rectifier diodes.


- Single stage PFC
- Low frequency leg with FRDs for reduced costs
- Efficiency higher than 98.5%
- Frequency from 48 to 150 kHz



Key Products

Product Category Product family Product Number Feature
Transistor 650V SiC MOS SCT3xxxAx supports switching with a fast body diode
Diodes 600 V Si FRD RFN series / RFNL Series low VF contributes to lower losses
Gate Driver BM60212FV-C Half-bridge driver
BM61S41RFV-C 1Ch Isolated driver for high frequency leg


A-011 : Totem-Pole Bridgeless PFC (Diode Rectification)

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