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Boost PFC


It is the simplest and most commonly used PFC circuit, consisting of a single boost converter. The desired current waveform can be generated by switching operation, and the power factor can be made close to one.


- Typically SJ MOSFET and SiC diodes (or FRD)
- Efficiency around 98%
- Frequency 70 kHz to 130 kHz
- Full load and nominal efficiency only guaranteed for 230 V AC



Key Products

Product Category Product family Product Number Feature
Switching Transistor 600 / 650V SJ MOS R60xxKN /R65xxKN Good compromise between performance and ease of use.
650 V IGBT RGWxx series IGBT proposal for lower cost, but comprising efficiency.
Diodes 650 V SiC SBD SCS3xx series Increased surge current mode capability of 3rd gen.
600 V Si FRD RFV series RFV: fast trr for CCM PFC (600V only)lower cost solution vs SiC SBD
600 V Si FRD RFN series RFN: low VF for DCM PFC (600V only) lower cost solution vs SiC SBD
Gate Driver Isolated BM61xxx Series 1ch 3750Vrms isolated, for devices including driver source pin.
non-Isolated BD2310G 1ch non-isolated, simplest solution available.


A-001 : Boost PFC VIN=200V, IIN=2.5A, BCM

A-002 : Boost PFC VIN=200V, IIN=2.5A, CCM

A-004 : Boost PFC VIN=200V, IIN=2.5A, DCM

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