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Three phase Single-end Flyback with RCD snubber (DC input version)


Flyback topologies are the most common and widely used topologies in auxiliary power supply design. Fly-back converter could be single phase as well as three phase types.  Fly- back is most commonly used due to its simplicity in design and control, less components, low cost solution, and built-in galvanic isolation.
Single end fly-back is typically used for the power supplies < 250W.


An overview of relevant components, power class and topologies is shown in below table.



Key Products

Product Category Product family Product Number Remark
Controller Quasi-Resonant control BD768xFJ-LB series SOP-J8, Low current consumption (19µA), during standby, Gate-clamp circuit
Discrete MOSFET SiC 1700V SCT2H12NZ TO-3PFM, Rds_on= 1.15Ω
SiC 1700V SCT2H12NY TO-268-2L, Rds_on= 1.15Ω
SiC 1700V SCT2750NY TO-268-2L, Rds_on= 750 mΩ
Diode (D1)
Secondary Rectifier
Schottky Barrier Diodes RBQ /RBxx8 series Ultra low IR SBD is suitable for rectification purpose, RBxx8 series has wide range of voltage choise
Diode (Ds)
1700V - -


C-010. DC-DC Flyback Converter Vin=800V, Vo=25V, Io=10A

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