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3-phase 3-level vienna PFC (Unidirectional)


The Vienna topology is used for high-power 3-phase PFC applications, where a near-sinusoidal input current can be obtained by controlling the voltage level at the DC midpoint. This topology is beneficial when very low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) of the input 3-phase grid is required.


- 3-phase PFC
- Popular PFC topology
- Achieves high efficiency



Key Products

Product Category Product family Product Number Feature
Transistor 750V SiC MOSFET SCT4xxxDx series NEW The latest SiC MOSFET device. Enhanced low on-resistance enable best in class performance. It supports 1200V withstand voltage, ideal for higher voltage applications.
650V SiC MOSFET SCT3xxxAx series Trench-gate SiC MOSFET with low on-resistance (50% reduction) compared to conventional products.
650V SJ-MOSFET R65 series 600 to 800V power MOSFETs using superjunction technlogy, PrestoMOSTM series enable high speed switching and low on-resistance performance. Variaous choice of package are availble.
Diode 1200V SiC SBD SCS2xxKx series SiC SBDs are a good choice when considering withstand voltage and switching speed.
Gate Driver 3750V voltage tolerance BM61x4xRFV 1ch configuration, 3,750Vrms isolated type Gate Driver, can be used for switching devices with current source pins.


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