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About LAPIS Technology

Creating added values for customers
Next generation LSI of LAPIS Technology

Our semiconductor business started in 1961. Throughout 60 years, we have been continuously developing LSI products that are relevant to the times. The history of LAPIS Technology is a history of working closely with our customers in building LSI products.
Pursuing our mission of creating added value for customers, LAPIS Technology shall continue to play a constructive role in addressing social issues and promoting social progress through LSI product development.

Product & TechnologyLAPIS Technology's diversified product portfolio and original technologies

Ingeniously leveraging on "Low power consumption technology". "High frequency circuit technology", "Digital/analog mixed technology", among other advanced technologies jointly built with customers around the world, LAPIS Technology is ambitiously expanding the LSI product lineup.
Looking into the future, we will continue our efforts in creating semiconductor products that meet customers' needs and contribute to social development.

AdvantageDevelopment capability and proposal power

The strength of LAPIS Technology is exemplified in our capability of proposing solutions for issues faced by our customers.
Social issues continuously evolve with an ever-changing market and transformations in lifestyles and global standards. The mission of LAPIS Technology is addressing market challenges together with our customers to drive value creation.

  • Semiconductor Solution

    LAPIS is capable of creating new values by integrating various LSI technologies built together with customers.
    We offer ideal solutions for our customers through a combination of technologies and products.

  • Total Solution

    A member of ROHM Group, LAPIS Technology offers not only our original technologies and products but also integrated solutions. We are a provider of total solutions of ROHM Group.

  • Collaboration

    Joining hands with our partners, we are dedicated to new value creation by combining technologies and services of LAPIS Technology. Working together with experienced engineers, we are actively engaged in joint development programs to create new values.

QualityStable Quality and Productivity

For LSI manufacturing, a wide range of options are available within and beyond ROHM Group with LAPIS Semiconductor as the key player.
Despite shortages of semiconductor materials due to growing demand for semiconductors around the world, we, as an integral part of ROHM Group, have been able to ensure stable procurement. We are stepping up our efforts in offering high quality products that delight our customers in every production base.

  • Flexible Production System

    The most suitable manufacturing FAB is selected based on the integration level and intended use of LSI products to address various needs with flexibility. And a set of QCD criteria universally applicable within and beyond the Group has been established to drive stable production.

  • Stable procurement and production

    With the demand for semiconductors expected to grow faster in the future, the shortage of semiconductors is arousing people's awareness. Yet the concerted efforts of ROHM Group has ensured the stability of procurement and production. In addition, a BCP system is built to increase resilience to various risks.

  • Certification

    All our FAB contractors including LAPIS Semiconductor have obtained ISO9001, international standard for quality management system and IATF16949, international standard in the automotive industry for quality management, which allow us to achieve high quality semiconductor manufacturing.


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  • 2019/12/14

    Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, France