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Speech Synthesis LSISpeech Synthesis LSI

Offers a variety of products with sound technologies such as audio compression / decompression,
acoustic processing to digital filters and amp,
as well as peripheral technologies such as P2ROM™ and flash memory.
We provide products and support that can respond to customers' desire to produce sound.

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Speech Synthesis LSI SpecialSite
Speech Synthesis ICs Equipped with Playback Anomaly Detection Function

Speech Synthesis LSI

Automotive-grade (Flash Memory, MaskROM)

The Automotive-grade Speech Synthesis LSI guarantees an operating temperature of +105°C with 4-channel mixing and a built-in speaker amplifier. AEC-Q100 qualified products can be provided.
As the fail-safe function, it is equipped with functions necessary for in-vehicle use such as detection of internal temperature of LSI, detection of voltage drop of power supply, and detection of a command transfer error.


Long Playback (Flash Memory,P2ROM™)

Long Playback Speech Synthesis LSI ML226xx has a large-capacity 4Mbit to 32Mbit flash memory with rewritable sound data.
The ML227xx and ML228xx incorporate LAPIS Technology's proprietary memory P2ROM capable of short TAT from 4Mbit to 16Mbit.
Both are ideal for long playback such as voice operation guidance.


Short Playback (Flash Memory, MaskROM)

Short playback Speech Synthesis LSI has a built-in ROM of 692Kbit to 4Mbit,and speech playback is possible simply by inputting a simple command from the MCU.
This LSI prepares various input interfaces to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.
The speech playback function can be easily realized by simply adding this LSI to the customer's system.


Supports External Memory

External memory compatible speech synthesis LSIs ML226xx and ML224xx can connect up to 128Mbit serial memory externally. Ideal for long sound playback.


Speech Playback MCUs

Speech playback MCUs (8bit) ML610Q300

A high-quality speech playback function and high-output speaker amplifier are integrated into one chip. White goods can easily have a speech playback function. We provide speech playback solutions ranging from dry cell powered devices such as thermometers and health care devices to security devices such as fire alarms, and AC devices such as homes and home appliances


Development Support Tool

Sound Device Control Kit
Control board, reference board, utility software

A series of evaluations are possible from hardware (SDCB2, reference board) and software (Speech LSI Utility).


Speech Synthesis LSI Selection Guide

Video Gallery

PICK UPSupporting mobility in future with high sound quality audio compression and play technology

Speech LSI refers to LSI that produces various sounds and voices from simple beeping such as "beep!" and "boo!" to melodies, imitation sounds and human speeches, etc.
This product is already adopted for various scenarios related to vehicles, such as the alarm sound when reversing, or when lights are accidentally left on, or when seatbelt is not fastened, the audible guide for ETC card being read or for fee payment, etc.

Speech Synthesis LSI Selection Guide

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