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Lithium-ion battery monitoring LSILithium-ion battery
monitoring LSI

LAPIS TECHNOLOGY™ 's lithium-ion battery monitoring LSI has developed
a solution that enables efficient and safe use of lithium-ion secondary batteries.

Lithium-ion battery monitoring LSI

Stand-alone type

The stand-alone type battery monitoring LSI protects battery packs without an external microcontroller. Some additional types can measure each cell voltage and current by the combined microcontroller.


MCU Control type

The MCU Control type battery monitoring LSI measures cell voltage, current, and temperature with high accuracy. An external microcontroller controls this LSI to protect the battery pack.
And it has protection functions that protect battery packs against short current and overvoltage without a microcontroller.


Gate Driver for Battery Management System

Gate Driver for Battery Management System

Non-insulated Gate Driver

Non-insulated Gate Driver for Battery Management System (BMS)


PICK UPMore extensive use in xEV*

Widely applied in power tools and e-bikes, LAPIS TECHNOLOGY™ 's battery monitoring LSI is expanding into other fields such as large capacity xEV.
*xEV: the collective term for EV including battery electric vehicle, hybrid vehicle, plug-in hybrid vehicle and fuel cell vehicle.

More extensive use in xEV1


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