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REFLVBMS003 - Reference Design

All-solid-state Battery Charging Solution Board for Energy Harvesting (Battery Management Reference Design for All-Solid-State Batteries)

This reference design facilitates the development of battery management solutions using all-solid-state batteries from Maxell. It supports charging from energy harvesting (i.e. solar power generation) in a wide range of applications, including equipment/infrastructure monitoring devices, displays, and wearables in the industrial and consumer sectors.(Please contact a sales representative or click here for more information on the REFLVBMS003-EVK-001 reference board .)
Generally, in addition to being less prone to leakage and electrolyte degradation than rechargeable batteries such as li-ion that use a liquid electrolyte, all-solid-state batteries are attracting attention as next-generation batteries due to their wide operating temperature range, longer life, and higher reliability.

The REFLVBMS003 is a reference design that combines ROHM Group company LAPIS Technology’s charge control IC with ROHM’s original Nano Energy™ ultra-low current power supply IC and Maxell’s all-solid state batteries (PSB401010H / PSB401515H (Under Development)). This novel solution with integrated battery and power supply blocks allows for a wide range of combinations using various energy harvesting methods.

Maxell’s All-solid-state Batteries (Maxell Website)

  • Equipped with Maxell's all-solid-state battery that delivers high heat resistance*1,long life*2 and increased safety*3 over a wide range of temperature
  • Boost DC-DC converter IC utilizing ROHM's Nano Energy™ ultra-low current consumption technology significantly extends battery life
  • Integrates a charge control IC for monitoring the power supply from energy harvesting and the state of rechargeable batteries.
  • A board equipped with the PSB401515H (Under Development) new high capacity battery will also be provided

*1 High heat resistance: ~125°C environments. Based on Maxell test conditions.
*2 Long life: Life expectancy based on various evaluations, analysis, and calculations.
*3 Increased safety: No ignition or smoke in various safety tests such as heating to 200°C, nail puncture, or external short circuits.


(Battery Management Reference Design for All-Solid-State Batteries)
All-solid-state Battery Charging Solution Board for Energy Harvesting

Maxell x ROHM

*Nano Energy™ is a trademark or registered trademark of ROHM Co., Ltd.

Onboard Products

Part No. Specifications Design Manual Purchase Board
PSB401010H /
PSB401515H (Under Development)
Maxell's all-solid-state battery that provides high heat resistance, long life, and increased safety Reference Board
User’s Guide
ML9077 80nA current consumption charge control IC for energy harvesting
(Under Development)
Boost DC-DC converter IC with 180nA quiescent current

* If you want to buy Board, it is possible to buy from Maxell.

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Board Number Board Dimensions Onboard Battery Charging Method Input Voltage / Charge Current Charge IC Current Consumption Charging Management Functions Boost DC-DC Converter IC
REFLVBMS003-EVK-001 34mm × 26mm Maxell All-solid-state Batteries [PSB401010H / PSB401515H (Under Development)]
2.3V, Battery Capacity: 8mAh / 16mAh
Direct charging of generated current to rechargeable batteries 0V~3.6V / ~1mA Only 80nA on the charging/battery sides Overcharge prevention / rechargeable battery voltage monitoring functions Equipped with Nano Energy™ Boost DC- DC Converter IC

Distribution Inventory

Board Number Distributor Quantity Available
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Key Components

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REFLVBMS003-EVK-001 ML9077 Battery Management - Recommended -