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DC-DC Converter
<What is a DC-DC Converter?>

As its name implies, a DC-DC converter converts one DC voltage to another.

The operating voltage of different electronic devices such as ICs can vary over a wide range, making it necessary to provide a voltage for each device.

A Buck Converter outputs a lower voltage than the original voltage, while a Boost Converter supplies a higher voltage.  

Linear or Switching Regulators

DC-DC converters are also referred to as linear or switching regulators, depending on the method used for conversion.

AC-DC and DC-DC Converter
Device for converting to a lower voltage
Buck or Step-Down converter
Device for converting to a higher voltage
Boost or Step-Up Converter
Device capable of converting to a higher or lower voltage
Boost-Buck Converter
Device for supplying a negative voltage
Negative Voltage or Inverting Converter

Switching Regulator Basics

DC-DC Converter (Swiching Regulator)Download datasheet