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What are application notes?

In addition to application notes, ROHM prepares a variety of written materials, including datasheets.
Documentation is classified by the size and scope of coverage, as shown below.

[Documentation Overview]

Documentation Overview

Targets and Definitions of Various Documentation

White Papers

Engineers, Editors, Market Researchers, Analysts, etc.

Written materials that describe market and technology trends of products, application examples, and product comparison information.
Contents similar to technical articles which can be understood by the general public.

Application Notes

Engineers, Technical Editors

Written materials detailing specific technologies and how to solve problems using products.
Also included is information such as circuit diagrams and sample source code which can be useful for designing.

User Guides

Evaluation Board and Software Users

Primarily describes how to use the evaluation board and software.

Quickstart Guides

Evaluation Board Users

Supplementary material that extracts only the key points from the users guide.

Technical Reference

Software Developers

Materials describing the technical details of the software.

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