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Seven-segment LED

What is a seven-segment LED?

A seven-segment LED is a digital display module specialized to display numerical information.
Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) arranged in the shape of numbers offer an easily visible display.
They are sometimes called "seven-segment displays" or "seven-segment indicators."

Names of seven-segment LED parts

The parts of the seven-segment LED are as follows:

  • Light-emitting components (a–g): Segments (Seg)
  • Dot light-emitting component: Decimal point (DP)
  • General name for the seven segments a–g: Digits (Dig)
Names of seven-segment LED parts

【Names of Seven-Segment LED Parts】

Seven-segment LED circuit configuration

LED display devices have two kinds of circuit: common anode and common cathode.

  • Common anode: when the common pin is positive
  • Common cathode: when the common pin is negative
Seven-segment LED common anode and common cathode

【Common Anode and Common Cathode】

Seven-segment LED (LED numeric display) Download datasheet

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