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Electromagnetic induction promotions organizations

Promotions Organizations

The electromagnetic induction method is promoted by WPC through the Qi standard and AirFuel with the AirFuel Inductive standard.


Short for Wireless Power Consortium, WPC is an organization established to formulate and promote the Qi international standard for wireless charging.
The Qi ('chee') standard, which originally consisted of just the BPP (Baseline Power Profile) specification for wireless charging under 5W, was expanded to include EPP (Extended Power Profile) to enable power transmission equivalent to wired chargers.
As a regular member of WPC, ROHM participates in consultation from the development stage of the increasingly popular Qi wireless standard and carries out product development in line with market demands.

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Another wireless charging standards organization is AirFuel Alliance.
The PMA (Power Matters Alliance) standard (electromagnetic induction)and A4WP's (Alliance for Wireless Power) Rezence standard (magnetic field resonance method) were unified.
As a result, 2 different standards are currently being promoted, AirFuel Inductive (previously PMA) and AirFuel Resonant (previously Rezence).

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