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ON Resistance

What is ON Resistance?

The resistance value between the Drain and Source of a MOSFET during operation (ON) is called the ON Resistance (RDS(ON)).
The smaller this value is, the lower the (power) loss.

Electrical Characteristics Related to ON Resistance

In the case of a transistor, the power consumed is expressed by multiplying the Collector saturation voltage (VCE(sat)) by the Collector current (IC).

(Collector Loss PC) = (Collector Saturation Voltage VCE(sat)) x (Collector Current IC)

In contrast, the power consumption of a MOSFET involves the ON Resistance (RDS(on)) between the Drain and Source.
As a result, the power consumed by the MOSFET (PD) is expressed as the ON Resistance multiplied by the square of the Drain current (ID).

(Power Consumption PD) = (ON Resistance RDS(on)) x (Drain Current ID)2

This power is dissipated as heat.
In general, the ON Resistance of a MOSFET is on the order of Ω or less, and the power consumed is typically lower than a conventional transistor. In other words, the amount of heat generated is less, making it easier to implement heat dissipation measures.

ON-Resistance vs Gate-Source Voltage,ON-Resistance vs Junction Temperature

As shown on the graph at left (above), ON Resistance decreases as the Gate-Source voltage increases. The same Gate-Source voltage also changes with current. Therefore, to calculate power loss it is necessary to use the ON Resistance after taking into consideration the Gate-Source voltage and Drain current.
As can be seen from the graph at right (above), the ON Resistance also varies with the temperature, so care must be taken.

ON Resistance Comparison

Generally, the larger the chip size (surface area) of the MOSFET the smaller the ON resistance.
The figure below compares the lowest level of ON Resistance for various compact packages.
As the package size increases, the possible chip size also increases, resulting in lower ON resistance.
ROHM offers a broad lineup of low ON-resistance products in a variety of package sizes.
When selecting, please keep in mind that the larger the package size the lower the ON resistance.

ON Resistance Comparison for Different Package Sizes

Click on the links below for the parametric search page for each package

DFN0604 (0.6x0.4mm)

DFN1006 (1.0x0.6mm)

DFN2020 (2.0x2.0mm)

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