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Wireless Charger

What is wireless charging?

Most people are probably already familiar with wireless charging.
Wireless charging is a technology that charges devices without using connectors or metal contacts.
This is also referred to as non-contact charging, non-contact power transmission, and wireless power supply.
Wireless charging technology is attracting increased attention by eliminating the need for power cords when charging. This is expected to increase connector safety and resistance to dust and water while enabling multiple devices to be charged using a single charger.

Advantages of Wireless Charging

Conventionally, portable devices are charged using a wired adapter.
USB cables are also used for charging.
Power is supplied by connecting a cable to the device.
In contrast, wireless charging is performed by simply plaing the device on a charging stand or mat.
Since connectors are not used, device reliability and resistance to water and dust are increased, eliminating connector failures.
This also provides greater design flexibility.

Advantages of Wireless Charging

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