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MEMS-Related Terminology

MEMS-Related Terminology

A brief overview of MEMS-related terminology.

MEMSAbbreviation for Micro Electro Mechanical Systems. A general term for device systems featuring minute 3-dimensional structures for handling various input/output signals.
Isotropic EtchingEtching that progresses in depth and lateral direction due to radicals
Anisotropic EtchingEtching that progresses in depth direction due to ions
Bosch ProcessThe primary technology used for silicon deep etching. Combines both isotropic and anisotropic etching techniques.
ScallopsThe uneven shape of the sidewalls formed by the Bosch process
SOI WafersShort for Silicon On Insulator. A silicon wafer in which a single silicon crystal layer is formed on an oxide film.
TAIKO GrindingA wafer grinding process that grinds only the inner portion, leaving the outer edge of the wafer intact.
TAIKO is a trademark of Disco Corp.
Support WaferWafers that provide support during the processing and handling of thin wafers
Wafer AttachingAttaching support substrates for the purpose of processing and handling thin wafers
Wafer BondingBonding wafers together for the process of sealing
ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition)A thin-film deposition method that sequentially stacks layers at the atomic level.

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