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Thin-Film Piezo MEMS Piezo-Related Terminology

Piezo-Related Terminology

This page provides a brief explanation on piezo-related terminology.

PiezoPiezoelectric element/device
Piezoelectric EffectA phenomenon in which voltage is generated by applying a force (pressure)
Reverse Piezoelectric EffectA phenomenon in which deformation appears by applying a voltage
Piezoelectric ElementProducts and devices that utilize piezoelectric and reverse piezoelectric effects
SensorDevices that convert phenomena and information into electrical signals by applying scientific principles
ActuatorDrive devices that convert electrical energy in order to mechanically move equipment
IonAn atom charged with an excess or deficit of electrons
Piezoelectric MaterialsAny crystalline material exhibiting piezoelectric properties
Piezoelectric Single CrystalsA piezoelectric material featuring a continuous and uniform internal crystalline structure
Piezoelectric CeramicsA piezoelectric material with a grain or domain wall structure
Grain StructureAn interface that exists between 2 or more small crystals in a polycrystal
Domain Wall StructureA structure in which boundaries exist in different polarizations within the crystal
PolarizationA phenomenon whereby a positive or negative charge appears or magnetic pole is generated when placed in a magnetic or electrical field
PZTLead zirconate titanate (PbZrxTi1-xO3) (O<x<1)
SputteringA film formation method in which atoms on the surface of a metal are ejected by bombarding it with high energy particles
CSDA method of forming thin films by first coating then baking a solution of metallic organic acid salts and compounds
Sol-Gel MethodA type of CSD. A method for achieving a thin film by heating then baking a liquid in the sol state
Sol StateA colloid with liquid as a dispersion medium (i.e. soapy water, glue, eggs, milk, mayonnaise)
Gel StateThe state where the liquidity of the sol state is lost
MOCVDAn metal-organic chemical vapor deposition method for growing crystals using organic metal or gas as the raw material
FootprintThe occupied area, here referring to the area where the device is placed
PiezoelectricA dielectric that produces polarization (voltage) when stress is applied
PyroelectricA piezoelectric material that spontaneously polarizes without the application of an external electric field
FerroelectricA type of pyroelectric material in which the direction of polarization can be reversed by applying an external electric field
Thin-Film PiezoA piezo device featuring a piezoelectric material thickness of several μm
Bulk PiezoA piezo device featuring a piezoelectric material thickness in the tens of μm

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