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Motor <What is a Motor?>

A motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is estimated that nearly half of the world's energy consumption is consumed by motors. Therefore, increasing motor efficiency is expected to have a significant impact on the global energy crisis. Here we will explain the operating principle of motors, beginning with the basics.

Motor Types

Motors that operate through rotary motion by receiving power when current flows within a magnetic field are common. However, a wide range of motor types exist, including ones that operate through linear motion.

Motors are broadly classified by the type of drive power used (source): AC or DC.

They can also be further divided by the rotational principle, as shown in the chart below.

Motor DC and AC Motors

Overview of Motors and Motor Driving

ROHM offers a broad portfolio of motor drivers and actuator drivers, including drivers for DC Brush Motor, Stepping Motor, 3 Phase Brushless Motor, Fan Motor, ODD, Printer, Digital Still Camera, Mobile Phone Module.