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Semiconductor Laser Features and Applications

Semiconductor Laser application examples

Semiconductor Laser is used for a variety of applications by taking advantage of characteristics that include straightness, small emission spot size (several um), monochromaticity, high light density, and coherence.
Recently, Semiconductor Laser has been applied for motion sensing, HDD thermal assist magnetic recording, and lighting (projectors and headlamps).

The following table summarizes application examples by Semiconductor Laser function.

[Application Examples by Semiconductor Laser Function]
Function Features Application Example
① Read High-speed reading of ultra-fine signals with micron spot Reading of optical discs (i.e. CD, DVD, BD)
② Record Uses high output to change the color of an organic film or phase of a crystal to write a signal Recording on optical discs (i.e. CD, DVD, BD)
③ Sensitivity Draws signals by irradiating a photosensitive drum Laser printers, MFPs, etc.
④ Communication Supports high-speed modulation for transmitting large amounnts of information Optical communication in PCs, mobile phones, and more
⑤ Lighting Pin spot irradiation enables accurate pointing Laser microscopes, pointing markers, line lasers
⑥ Measurement Less distance attenuation, extending reach Measure distances of roads and between cars, building height
⑦ Sensing Easy to create fringe patterns to detect slight changes Sensing applications including smoke alarms, dust management, and laser mice