SuperJunction MOSFETs

ROHM utilizes super junction technology for its high voltage (600V+) power MOSFETs.
The result is high-speed switching and low ON resistance, making it possible to reduce application loss. ROHM offers two types, one featuring low noise specifications and the other delivering high-speed switching, allowing customers to select the ideal solution based on application requirements. In addition, the PrestoMOSTM series achieves greater energy savings in motors and inverters - a drawback of super junction MOSFETs - by incorporating the industry’s fastest diode utilizing ROHM’s patented technology.

3 Advantages of ROHM Super Junction MOSFETs

  • ① Expanded lineup includes 3 series tailored to customer needs
  • ② Each series offered in a range of packages and ON resistances
  • ③ High quality and performance provided, along with a comprehensive support system

[New]600V Super Junction MOSFETs "PrestoMOSTM" R60xxJNx Series

ROHM recently announced a new lineup of its PrestoMOSTM series, R60xxJNx series, of 600V super junction MOSFETs that includes 30 new models. This series increases design flexibility while maintaining the industry’s fastest reverse recovery time (trr) optimized for EV charging stations and motor drive in home appliances such as refrigerators and Air Conditioners (ACs).

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ROHM Super Junction MOSFETs

● 3 series offered to meet customer demands

Series VDS
600V 650V 800V
Low Noise Specifications R60xxENx R65xxENx  
High-Speed Switching Specifications R60xxKNx R65xxKNx R80xxKNx
Built-In High-Speed Diode

● Select from 5 different package types

Series Package
Surface Mount Type Insertion Type
TO-220FM TO-220AB TO-3PF TO-247
TO-252[DPAK] LPTS [D2PAK] TO-220FM TO-220AB TO-3PF TO-247
Low Noise
R6xxxEND3 R6xxxENJ R6xxxENX   R6xxxENZ R6xxxENZ4
High-Speed Switching
R6xxxKND3 R6xxxKNJ R6xxxKNX R6xxxKNX3 R6xxxKNZ R6xxxKNZ4
High-Speed Switching
R80xxKND3   R80xxKNX     R80xxKNZ4
Built-In High-Speed
R60xxJND3 R60xxJNJ R60xxJNX   R60xxJNZ R60xxJNZ4

● Widely adopted in a range of applications + Well-received in terms of characteristics, quality, and support

Widely adopted in a range of applications + Well-received in terms of characteristics, quality, and support

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What is PrestoMOSTM?

PrestoMOSTM is a product in which the parasitic diode of the super junction MOSFET is sped up using proprietary patented technology.Due to its characteristic internal structure, the parasitic diode in a typical super junction MOSFET exhibits degraded recovery performance compared with a standard MOSFET. As a result, super junction MOSFETs could not be used in circuits that actively utilize the parasitic diode, such as inverters and bridge-type PFCs.
However, ROHM's PrestoMOSTM overcomes the drawback of super junction MOSFETs by speeding up the parasitic diode, contributing to significantly greater energy savings in applications utilizing bridge circuits and inverters for motor drive.

What is PrestoMOS™?

Following the trend in recent years towards greater energy savings, ROHM has been contributing to increased application energy efficiency through outstanding recovery characteristics, prompting a growing number of designers to replace the combination of IGBT+FRD widely used in inverters with PrestoMOS™.

Achieve greater energy savings by replacing with ROHM's PrestoMOS™

3rd Generation PrestoMOSTM: R60xxJNx Series

Ron typ
1100 R6004JND3 R6004JNJ R6004JNX    
720 R6006JND3 R6006JNJ R6006JNX    
600 R6007JND3 R6007JNJ R6007JNX    
450 R6009JND3 R6009JNJ R6009JNX    
350   R6012JNJ R6012JNX    
220   R6018JNJ R6018JNX    
180   R6020JNJ R6020JNX R6020JNZ R6020JNZ4
140     R6025JNX R6025JNZ R6025JNZ4
110     NEWR6030JNX R6030JNZ R6030JNZ4
90         R6042JNZ4
        NEWR6050JNZ NEWR6050JNZ4
45         NEWR6070JNZ4

Feature ① Industry-leading recovery characteristics

ROHM’s PrestoMOSTM series utilizes original patented technology to accelerate the parasitic diode, achieving the industry’s fastest reverse recovery time (trr) - a key characteristic. However, faster diode speeds typically generates steep changes in the current, which tends to increase oscillation.
For our 3rd Generation PrestoMOSTM (R60xxJNx Series), structural optimization makes oscillation difficult during recovery. This facilitates the design and implementation of countermeasures by the customer against oscillation, making them ideal for applications experiencing oscillation during recovery.

Feature ① Industry-leading recovery characteristics

Feature ② Pursuing greater ease-of-use

ROHM’s PrestoMOSTM series is designed for bridge-type circuits and motor inverters requiring high short-circuit breakdown tolerance and self turn-ON prevention. Low short-circuit breakdown tolerance increases the possibility of MOSFET breakdown, while the occurrence of self turn ON can lead to significant power loss.
The R60xxJNx series of 3rd Generation PrestoMOSTM feature an optimized internal structure that makes it possible to clear both of these issues.
Compared to the latest competitor products, class-leading short-circuit breakdown tolerance is achieved, providing a greater level of safety. In addition, self turn ON prevention is ensured, minimizing operating power loss.

Feature ② Pursuing greater ease-of-use

ROHM Super Junction MOSFETs (2 Types)

ROHM offers 2 types of super junction MOSFETs, a low noise type (R6xxxENx series) and a high-speed switching model (R6xxxKNx series), available in various package types in both 600V and 650V withstand voltages.
The R6xxxENx series places an emphasis on ease-of-use, and achieves superior performance in noise-sensitive applications.
The R6xxxKNx series is focused on high efficiency and delivers excellent performance in applications demanding high-speed switching.
Both the R6xxxENx and R6xxxKNx series are offered in the same ON resistances, making it possible to select the ideal model based on set needs.
An 800V product is also available for high-speed switching specifications, achieving the industry's highest level of performance.

Low Noise Specifications: R60xxENx/R65xxENx Series

The R6xxxENx series are low-noise products that place an emphasis on ease-of-use.
As a reaction to superior ON resistance and switching performance over conventional planar MOSFETs, super junction MOSFETs typically suffer from degraded noise characteristics. However, the R6xxxENx series utilize an optimized internal gate construction that achieves lower noise, resulting in minimal noise-induced loss.
This makes them ideal for applications seeking to reduce noise, such as audio and lighting equipment.
In addition, they provide a level of noise performance equivalent to conventional planar types, making replacement easy.

Low Noise Specifications: R60xxENx/R65xxENx
VDS=600V Package
Ron typ
2800 R6002END3        
900 R6004END3 R6004ENJ R6004ENX    
570 R6007END3 R6007ENJ R6007ENX    
500 R6009END3 R6009ENJ R6009ENX    
340 R6011END3 R6011ENJ R6011ENX    
260   R6015ENJ R6015ENX R6015ENZ  
170   R6020ENJ R6020ENX R6020ENZ R6020ENZ4
150   R6024ENJ R6024ENX R6024ENZ R6024ENZ4
115     R6030ENX R6030ENZ R6030ENZ4
92       R6035ENZ R6035ENZ4
66         R6047ENZ4
38         R6076ENZ4

☆:Under Development

VDS=650V Package
Ron typ
3000 R6502END3        
955 R6504END3 R6504ENJ R6504ENX    
605 R6507END3 R6507ENJ R6507ENX    
530 R6509END3 R6509ENJ R6509ENX    
360 R6511END3 R6511ENJ R6511ENX    
280   R6515ENJ R6515ENX R6515ENZ  
185   R6520ENJ R6520ENX R6520ENZ R6520ENZ4
160   R6524ENJ R6524ENX R6524ENZ R6524ENZ4
125     R6530ENX R6530ENZ R6530ENZ4
98       R6535ENZ R6535ENZ4
70         R6547ENZ4
40         R6576ENZ4

☆:Under Development

High-Speed Switching Specifications: R60xxKNx/R65xxKNx/R80xxKNx Series

The R6xxxKNx series are high-speed switching products that place an emphasis on high efficiency. Optimizing the internal MOSFET structure based on the low-noise R6xxxENx series improves the gate charge characteristics (which is affected by switching speed).
This makes it possible to achieve higher efficiency via high-speed switching without sacrificing the ease-of-use provided by the R6xxxENx series, contributing to higher efficiency in PFC and LLC circuits.
An 800V product is also available for high-speed switching specifications, achieving the industry's highest level of performance.

High-Speed Switching Specifications: R60xxKNx/R65xxKNx
VDS=600V Package
Ron typ
1300 R6003KND3        
900 R6004KND3 R6004KNJ R6004KNX    
720 R6006KND3 R6006KNJ R6006KNX    
570 R6007KND3 R6007KNJ R6007KNX    
500 R6009KND3 R6009KNJ R6009KNX    
340 R6011KND3 R6011KNJ R6011KNX    
260   R6015KNJ R6015KNX R6015KNZ  
170   R6020KNJ R6020KNX R6020KNZ R6020KNZ4
150   R6024KNJ R6024KNX R6024KNZ R6024KNZ4
115     R6030KNX R6030KNZ R6030KNZ4
92       R6035KNZ R6035KNZ4
66         R6047KNZ4
38         R6076KNZ4

☆:Under Development

VDS=650V Package
Ron typ
1400 R6503KND3        
955 R6504KND3 R6504KNJ R6504KNX    
605 R6507KND3 R6507KNJ R6507KNX    
530 R6509KND3 R6509KNJ R6509KNX    
360 R6511KND3 R6511KNJ R6511KNX    
280   R6515KNJ R6515KNX R6515KNZ  
185   R6520KNJ R6520KNX R6520KNZ R6520KNZ4
160   R6524KNJ R6524KNX R6524KNZ R6524KNZ4
125     R6530KNX R6530KNZ R6530KNZ4
98       R6535KNZ R6535KNZ4
70         R6547KNZ4
40         R6576KNZ4

☆:Under Development

VDS=800V Package
TO252 TO220FM TO247
TO252 TO220FM TO247
Ron typ
7200 R8001KND3    
3500 NEWR8002KND3 R8002KNX  
1500 NEWR8003KND3 R8003KNX  
750 NEWR8006KND3 NEWR8006KNX  
500   NEWR8009KNX  
370   NEWR8011KNX R8011KNZ4
200   R8019KNX R8019KNZ4
80     R8052KNZ4

☆:Under Development