600V 17A TO-220FM, PrestoMOS™ with integrated high-speed diode

R6035VNX is Generation 4th PrestoMOS™ Fast Recovery Diode SJMOS, suitable for the switching applications.

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Product Detail

Part Number | R6035VNXC7G
Status | Recommended
Package | TO-220FM
Unit Quantity | 1000
Minimum Package Quantity | 50
Packing Type | Tube
RoHS | Yes


Package Code



Motor, Inverter, LLC, PSFB

Number of terminal




Drain-Source Voltage VDSS[V]


Drain Current ID[A]


RDS(on)[Ω] VGS=15V(Typ.)


RDS(on)[Ω] VGS=Drive (Typ.)


Total gate charge Qg[nC]


Power Dissipation (PD)[W]


Drive Voltage[V]


Trr (Typ.)[ns]


Mounting Style

Leaded type

Storage Temperature (Min.)[°C]


Storage Temperature (Max.)[°C]


Package Size [mm]

10.1x15.1 (t=4.8)

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  • Fast reverse recovery time(trr)
  • Low on-resistance
  • Fast switching speed
  • Drive circuits can be simple
  • Pb-free plating ; RoHS compliant
  • Halogen free mold compound

Supporting Information



The R60xxVNx series adopts the latest proprietary processes to achieve the industry’s fastest reverse recovery time while reducing ON resistance (which is in a trade-off relationship) by up to 20% compared to equivalent products.

Comparison of ON Resistance and Reverse Recovery Time
Switching Loss Comparison

Key Features

1. Achieves class-leading low ON resistance and the industry’s fastest reverse recovery time

ROHM’s R60xxVNx series of PrestoMOS™ 600V Super Junction MOSFETs utilizes the latest processes to reduce ON resistance per unit area. Despite the difficulty in reducing ON resistance given the trade-off relationship with reverse recovery time, up to 20% lower ON resistance has been achieved compared to equivalent standard products (TO-220FM package), contributing to even lower power consumption in various applications.

2. The industry’s fastest reverse recovery time (trr) minimizes switching loss

Generally, when miniaturizing processes, basic performance such as ON resistance is improved while reverse recovery time deteriorates. In contrast, ROHM’s R60xxVNx series utilizes a proprietary high-speed technology to achieve the industry’s fastest recovery time of 105ns while maintaining lower ON resistance compared to equivalent TO-220FM package products. Eliminating wasted current reduces power loss during switching by approximately 17% over standard products.

Relationship Between Reverse Recovery Time and Power Loss

Thanks to these two features, the R60xxVNx series offers a higher efficiency than standard products, even when compared to evaluation boards using synchronous rectified boost circuits that pursue high efficiency (60mΩ class ON resistance products), contributing to significantly lower power consumption in applications such as solar power inverters and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

Efficiency Comparison Using
a Synchronous Rectification Boost Circuit

Application Examples

■EV charging stations, servers, base stations, solar power inverters (power conditioners), uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) and more
■White goods such as air conditioners
■Motor drives, power supply circuits, and the like


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