About ROHM

About ROHM

"R" represents the first letter of our original main product, Resistors.
This was put together with the unit for resistance "ohm". The "R" now also stands for "Reliability". "Quality First" is ROHM's corporate policy.

Message from Our President

ROHM's management policy and a special message from President Tadanobu Fujiwara.

Tadanobu Fujiwara, ROHM President and CEO

Company Mission

Company objectives and goals.

Corporate Data

Basic corporate information, such as the company address, capital, and net sales.


List of company directors/auditors along with a basic org chart.

Company History

Key dates, developments, and acquisitions in ROHM's history.

Corporate Brand

The evolution of the ROHM brand.

ROHM Group Business Conduct Guidelines

ROHM's guidelines for compliance.

ROHM’s Corporate Video

ROHM's Corporate Profile Video.