Approach to Quality


‘Quality is our top priority at all times.’ This statement comprises the core of ROHM’s corporate objective. The ROHM Group around the world, including ROHM, has adopted the same purpose, with all of the Group’s corporate management governed by this objective.
The 4Ms - Man, Machine, Material, and Method - which form the basic elements of quality manufacturing, are being collectively addressed by the group to ensure that the highest standards are maintained at all times.
At ROHM, quality first forms the basis of all actions. We view quality in a broad sense, considering not only the performance of the product itself, but also activities such as cost, delivery, service, the environment, and customer satisfaction as we strive to uphold our corporate objective of ‘Quality First’.

Basic Quality Control Policy

One of ROHM’s Action Guidelines is its Basic Quality Control Policy.

Quality Assurance System

ROHM's quality assurance system from product development to market response is explained.

ROHM Quality Initiatives

ROHM Quality Initiatives and its features.

Quality Human Resource Development

We are implementing quality education initiatives together with a specialized organization in charge of quality education.

Quality Certifications

Acquisition of quality certifications.

Certificates of Customer Appreciation and Commendation

The ROHM Group is constantly working to improve quality and environmental issues to meet customer expectations.

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