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Acquired a portion of semiconductor device business from Panasonic Corp.


First in the world to acquire certification under the Wi-SUN international wireless communication standard



Obtained development process certification under the ISO 26262 automotive functional safety standard



Developed the industry’s first op-amps featuring a noise-free design



Established ROHM Shiga Co., Ltd.
(*Currently ROHM Co., Ltd. Shiga Factory)


Developed the world’s first AC/DC converter control IC for SiC drive



Established the India Design Center


Developed the industry’s smallest ’VML0604’ transistors


Developed high power ultra-low-ohmic shunt resistors optimized for current detection in automotive and industrial applications


Acquired certification under the OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety standard


Started mass production of the RASMID® series comprised of the world’s smallest parts utilizing a completely new manufacturing method



Developed the world’s smallest 0402 size Zener diodes


ROHM Kyoto Ekimae Building received the Energy Conservation Grand Prize ‘Chief of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy’s Award’

Established the Tsinghua-ROHM Joint Research Center



Constructed the Tsinghua-ROHM Electronic Engineering Hall at Tsinghua University (Beijing, China)

Established ROHM Semiconductor India Pvt. Ltd.



Green building achieved through the full installation of in-house LED lighting, high-efficiency AC equipment, rooftop greenery, and more.

Renovated the ROHM Kyoto Ekimae Building.

Signed a partnership agreement with Kyoto City to build a decarbonized society

ROHM has also signed a partnership agreement with Kyoto City to build a decarbonized society.
This agreement provides for greater cooperation between the two parties on decarbonization, biodiversity, and improving local resilience, and marks the first time Kyoto has partnered with a company. On June 30, 2022, a signing ceremony was held at Kyoto City Hall, where Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa and ROHM President Isao Matsumoto signed the agreement.

ROHM will continue to promote sustainability management based on its corporate objective and management vision while working to preserve the environment and biodiversity to achieve a sustainable society and maintain sound partnerships with local communities.

Signed a partnership agreement with Kyoto City to build a decarbonized society

Concluded an agreement with Shiga Prefecture to ‘connect people and forests’

ROHM entered into an agreement with Shiga Prefecture to ‘connect people and forests', stipulating that the two parties will work together and cooperate toward achieving a sustainable society in harmony with nature, using Shiga Prefectural Omifuji Karyoku Park (Yasu, Shiga Prefecture) as a practical model.

Concluded an agreement with Shiga Prefecture to ‘connect people and forests’
Signing Ceremony
Mr. Taizo Mikazuki, Governor of Shiga Prefecture (left)
Isao Matsumoto, President and CEO, ROHM Co., Ltd. (right)

Joined the global renewable energy initiative RE100

We have joined RE100 (100% Renewable Electricity)*, an international corporate initiative with the goal of ensuring that 100% of the electricity used in business operations comes from renewable energy sources.

ROHM promotes environmental management both in Japan and overseas based on its Environmental Vision 2050 formulated in April 2021, striving to reduce environmental impact by pursuing virtually zero greenhouse and other emissions by 2050. As one of the specific measures, we announced our medium-term management plan Moving Forward to 2025 in May of the same year, stipulating that all power used in business activities both in Japan and abroad be generated from 100% renewable energy sources (i.e. hydroelectric, geothermal, solar power) by 2050.

*RE100 (100% Renewable Electricity)
An international business initiative organized by The Climate Group in partnership with CDP, operating as part of the We Mean Business coalition. In Japan, the Japan Climate Leaders Partnership (JCLP) has been supporting the participation and activities of Japanese companies as an official regional partner of RE100 since 2017.

Joined the global renewable energy initiative RE100

Donated ROHM BNCT Center to Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine

ROHM has also donated research facilities and equipment for cancer treatment research.
The newly established Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine ROHM BNCT Center will be used for research on BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy), a type of next-generation cancer treatment.

Donated ROHM BNCT Center to Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine

Formulated the ROHM Group’s ‘Environmental Vision 2050’

While strong guidelines for a decarbonized society have been issued by governments and the international community to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, such as the Paris Agreement (established to limit global warming to well below 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels), issues such as climate change, resource depletion, and biodiversity loss are becoming increasingly urgent. The Planetary Boundary, which objectively assesses the impact of human activities on the Earth’s systems, reports that ‘climate change’, ‘biodiversity loss’, and ‘chemical pollution’ are already beyond acceptable levels, and it is clear that the negative impact of economic activities on the Earth has already reached a level that threatens the safety of human society.
Underscoring ROHM’s efforts to reduce environmental impact through business activities and products in accordance with its corporate philosophy and environmental policy, ROHM Group Environmental Vision 2050 was set forth in 2021 to demonstrate the passing on of the global environment to the next generation in a better condition. And in addition to establishing three key themes that should be addressed, namely climate change, resource recycling, and coexistence with nature, ‘2030 Targets’ have been established as intermediate steps.


A SiC supplier becomes a ROHM subsidiary.

Market leader Kionix, Inc., becomes a subsidiary of ROHM.



Logo changed (9/17/08) to "ROHM SEMICONDUCTOR" to mark our 50th anniversary.


A Selection of Japanese 78rpm Recording III.

Developed an ultra-compact LED "PICOLEDTM[picoled]" featuring both the smallest volume and area in the world.

ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation to Laboratory.


A Selection of Japanese 78rpm Recording II.

ROHM Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. established.

ROHM Integrated Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd. established.

Nagoya Design Center opened.

Shenzhen Technology Center opened.


Co-sponsored "Seiji Ozawa Opera Project" in China.

A ROHM Plaza research facility was donated to Kyoto University.

Korea Technology Center opened.


Taiwan Technology Center opened.

Shanghai Technology Center opened.


Co-sponsored "Kyoto Student Festival."

Contribution for Doshisha ROHM Plaza.

ROHM Tsukuba Co., Ltd. established.

ROHM Electronics Trading (Dalian) Co., Ltd. established.

LSI Test Technology Center opened.


Optical Device Research Center opened.


Contribution for Ritsumeikan University ROHM Plaza.

Started forestation project in Australia named "ROHM Forest."

ROHM Co., Ltd. (Shin yokohama) opened.


Co-sponsored "The Opening Concert of Autumn Kyoto Music Festival."

Co-sponsored "Seiji Ozawa Opera Project."

ROHM Semiconductor (China) Co., LTD. established.

Europe Technology Center opened.


ROHM Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established.

ROHM Hamamatsu Co., Ltd. established.

LSI Development Center opened.

Kyoto Technology Center opened.


Co-sponsored "New Japan Philharmonic Special" concert, conducted by Seiji Ozawa.

Began "ROHM's Diary of Science of the tales" for company P.R as a newspaper column.

VLSI Research Center opened.

Obtained ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification.


Published "ROHM's Diary of Kyoto Natural History (Light Report Edition)" CD-ROM.

ROHM Electronics (France) S.A.S. established.

ROHM Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. established.

Yokohama Technology Center opened.


ROHM Electronics (Philippines) Sales Corporation established.

ROHM Electronics Korea Corporation established.

ROHM Wako Device Co., Ltd. established


Published "ROHM's Diary of Kyoto Natural History (Sound Report Edition)" CD-ROM.

Second LSI Research Center opened.


Began "ROHM's Diary of Science of the tales of old Japan" for company P.R as a newspaper column.

Obtained ISO9001 certification.


Hosted "Kyoto International Music Students Festival" (held annually).

ROHM Mechatech Philippines, INC. established.

ROHM Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. established.

A manufacturing plant is established in Tianjin, China (presently RSC).

ROHM Electronics Dalian Co., Ltd. established.


Completely abolished use of specific-fluorocarbons (all companies in ROHM Group)


Established ROHM Music Foundation.

Second Research and Development Center opened.


ROHM Apollo Device Co., Ltd. established.

Began sales of LED message boards.

America Technology Center opened.


Published public relations magazine "ROHM's Diary of Kyoto Natural History II."

Hosted "ROHM's Music Festival with Play Bach."

ROHM Electronics (U.K.) Limited established.

ROHM-Wako Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. established.

A manufacturing plant is established in Philippines (presently REPI).

Liquid crystal process technology established and products marketed.

LSI Research Center opened.

Received PM award (TPM)

Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


Narita Giken Co., Ltd. established.

ROHM Mechatech Co., Ltd. established.

Obtained basic patent of flash memory in the USA.


ROHM Electronics Taiwan Co., Ltd. established.

A manufacturing plant is established in Thailand (presently RIST).


Published public relations magazine "ROHM's Diary of Kyoto Natural History."

Capacitors marketed.

Memory ICs developed and marketed.

Research and Development Center opened (presently LSI Development Center).

Listed on the First Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange.


4-bit and 8-bit microcontrollers using original CPUs developed.


ROHM Amagi Co., Ltd. established.

First in the world to succeed in the practical industrial use of laser diodes with MBE methodology.


Band switching diodes developed and marketed.

Listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Security Exchange.


Digital transistors developed and marketed.

Semiconductor Research Center is completed.


Published "Asian Music" (recorded tapes of all volumes)

ROHM Fukuoka Co., Ltd. established.

Began development of MOS ICs.

Registered company name is changed from Toyo Electronics Industry Corporation to ROHM Co., Ltd.


Zener diodes developed and marketed.


Began "ROHM's Diary of Kyoto Natural History" for company public relations as a newspaper column.

ROHM Electronics Asia Pte. Ltd. (RES DIVISION) established.

Corporate trademark is changed from R.ohm to ROHM.


Rectifying diodes developed and marketed.


Square-plante chip resistors developed and marketed.


ROHM Electronics (H.K.) Co., Ltd. established.

Thermal printheads developed and marketed.


LEDs and network resistors developed and marketed.


ROHM Korea Corporation established.


Transistor developed and marketed.

ROHM Electronics GmbH established.

Started research and development of integrated circuits (ICs) in Silicon Valley.


Published "History of Musical Instruments" (record of all volumes)

Established U.S. subsidiary company in California.

ROHM Logistec Co., Ltd. established.

Computers for processing business data introduced.


ROHM Apollo Co., Ltd. established.

Began development of ICs.


Completed production of diode arrays and diode matrices.


Transistors and switching diode developed and marketed.


ROHM Wako Co., Ltd. established.

In-house Standardization Committee organized.


Published "Visible Music History" (record of all volumes)

Quality control program introduced.


Metal-firm resistors developed and marketed.


In-house production of automatic resistor assembly machine inaugurated.


Toyo Electronics Industry Corporation.


Carbon film resistors developed and marketed.

Toyo Electronics Industry established.

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