Message from the President


“Electronics for the Future”
Becoming a company that solves social issues through electronics

As efforts to achieve a sustainable society accelerate around the world, companies are emphasizing activities that help solve social issues, such as the environment and health.

For ROHM these ideas are far from new, as we have contributed to the advancement of culture from the beginning by providing good products and manufacturing based on our Company Mission. And although the scale of our company and business environment have changed significantly, our philosophies remain unchanged, having been passed down from generation to generation as part of our DNA.

To reaffirm this unwavering Company Mission and clarify our mission within the new social infrastructure, we formulated a statement and management vision.

This pledge clearly states our commitment to continue be a company that continues to help enrich people’s lives and contribute to the advancement of society into the future by using electronics to solve various social issues.

The importance of semiconductor and electronic components – ROHM’s core products – is increasing, especially as we work toward achieving a decarbonized society, which is quickly becoming a pressing issue.

As the expectations of our customers and society grow, in addition to accelerating our efforts toward the development of new products and technologies, stable product supply, and environmental considerations in manufacturing, we will build a stronger management foundation, both financial and non-financial, based on our medium-term management plan.

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