• FY ending March 2024

    ROHM at a glance

  • Establishment

    September 17


  • No. of Locations



  • Consolidated No. of Employees



  • Net sales


    Hundred Million Yen

  • Operating profit


    Hundred Million Yen

  • ROE



  • Total assets


    Hundred Million Yen

Corporate Information

Approach to Quality

Our Basic Philosophy on Quality: ‘Quality is our top priority at all times.’ This forms the basis of ROHM manufacturing. The ROHM Group around the world, including ROHM, has adopted this corporate purpose, with all of the ROHM Group’s corporate management governed by this purpose.

Environmental Initiatives

Aiming to achieve a sustainable society, ROHM is actively engaged in environmental conservation through business activities in accordance with our Environmental Policy and Environmental Vision 2050.

Approach to Safety and Health

The ROHM Group has established a common safety and health policy while promoting safety and health activities. We are also proactively acquiring OHSAS 18001, the international standard for occupational health and safety management systems.

Procurement Activities

To achieve reliable, high quality, stable manufacturing it is essential to not only ensure the quality and stable supply of parts and materials in procurement, but also engage in CSR procurement that takes into consideration labor, ethics, and the environment. The ROHM Group values ongoing relationships of trust and cooperation with suppliers while aiming for procurement activities that provide for the sustainable growth of both parties.