Basic Quality Control Policy


One of ROHM’s Action Guidelines is its Basic Quality Control Policy.

Basic Quality Control Policy

  • 1. Promote internal standardization throughout the company and establish a data-based management system
  • 2. Conduct comprehensive and ongoing research activities to develop new technologies and products.
  • 3. Actively utilize statistical methods in all areas of corporate activity.
  • 4. Establish a system of quality assurance in all processes.
  • 5. Strive to modernize production methods to reduce product costs.
  • 6. When purchasing materials and semi-finished products, require quality assurance contracts from suppliers.

The Basic Quality Control Policy describes more specific methods and actions to achieve our corporate objective of ‘Quality First’. This policy applies to all jobs – not just those in manufacturing. It has been established as one of the action guidelines for achieving our corporate objective throughout ROHM.

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