Medium-Term Management Plan “Moving Forward to 2025”


ROHM is currently implementing its five-year Medium-Term Management Plan, “Moving Forward to 2025”, which covers the period from FY2021 to FY2025. The management theme for the period up to FY2025 is to achieve growth in “automotive segments” and “market outside of Japan” and build a foundation for further growth, with the aim of becoming a major global player by 2030.

Overview of Management Policy

Overview of Management Policy

Positioning and Goals of the Medium-Term Management Plan

When the plan was originally formulated in 2020, we set a five-year sales target of at least 470 billion yen due to market instability caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
However, demand for semiconductors has been extremely strong since the second half of FY2021, and we have already achieved sales of over 450 billion yen.
Since the market is expected to continue to boom, we have revised our sales target upward to more than 600 billion yen in FY2025, the final year of the plan.

Positioning and Goals of the Medium-Term Management Plan

Financial Goals

NET SALES ¥359.8 billion ¥452.1 billion ¥470.0 billion or more ¥600.0 billion or more
10.7% 15.8% 17% or higher 20% or higher
ROE 5.0% 8.3% 8% or higher 9% or higher

Non-financial Goals (Summary)

Environment (FY2030)

  • ・GHG emissions: 50.5% reduction (vs. FY2018)
  • ・Advancement toward 100% implementation of renewable energies in FY2050
  • ・Zero waste emissions

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Diversity and Employees

  • ・Reach global female manager ratio of 15% or higher
  • ・Reach employee engagement score above industry average

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  • ・Quality satisfaction score: 10% improvement (vs. FY2020)

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