Approach to Quality

Quality System

A Quality Control System that will Satisfy and Reassure the Customer

At ROHM the Development, Production, Sales, Administration, Accounting, and Direct Control Divisions are organized under the President.
The production dept. has a business unit for each product group and a business division for each product.
A quality control dept. is established at each business unit, in charge of the overall quality assurance for a particular product group.
In addition, the Quality Assurance Dept., one of the departments under the direct control of the president, is responsible for establishing a company-wide quality management system that transcends the boundaries of business units, tasked with developing information and monitoring the operations of each business unit.
When developing new products, we conduct evaluations at each stage of development review, design review, initial flow, and mass production to provide high reliability products in a timely manner that satisfy customer requirements.
Improvement data is fed back to the source and deployed in the next design phase.

*QC: Quality Control

[Quality assurance system chart following the flow of new product development]

[Quality assurance system chart following the flow of new product development]

Unbreakable Design and Product Creation

Semiconductors made using microprocesses are generally fragile. At ROHM we believe it is important to overturn this notion and promote the worry-free use of our products.
Taking LSI as an example, we have established a high quality design department within the LSI business unit as a specific organization.
In addition to ensuring design quality, activities of the High Quality Design Dept. include developing circuits that will not break even under harsh conditions and promoting the use of protection circuits.
At the same time, the assembly processing equipment developed in-house by the Production System Development Dept. was designed to perform self diagnosis and preventing defects based on the concept of ‘creating quality with equipment’.

[Development and manufacturing flow(example)]

[Development and manufacturing flow(example)]

Traceability Control

In the unlikely event a failure occurs due to our product, ROHM can trace production information (manufacturing date, lot code) from the actual product.
From the lot code, we can check the 4M information (Man, Machine, Material, Method) of all processes and quickly investigate the manufacturing conditions and performance at each phase.
With respect to past products as well,a sample retention system is fully in place for all products,enabling re-verification of the state of products at a given time.

Lot Code (Part No., Production Period, Production Facility)
Lot Code
(Part No., Production Period, Production Facility)
Keep Sample Storage
Keep Sample Storage