ROHM Now Offers the Industry’s Largest Lineup of Automotive-Grade SiC MOSFETs

ROHM Automotive-Grade SiC MOSFETs-TO-247N

ROHM has recently announced the addition of 10 new automotive-grade SiC MOSFETs. The introduction of the SCT3xxxxxHR series allows ROHM to offer the industry's largest lineup of AEC-Q101 qualified SiC MOSFETs that provide the high reliability necessary for automotive on board chargers and DC/DC converters.

In recent years an increasing number of automotive makers are offering electric vehicles in response to growing environmental awareness and rising fuel costs. However, although EVs are becoming more widespread, their relatively short driving range remains problematic. To improve driving distance, batteries are trending towards larger battery capacities with shorter charging times. This, in turn, demands high power and efficiency on board chargers such as 11kW and 22kW, leading to increased adoption of SiC MOSFETs. In addition, higher voltage batteries (800V) require power devices featuring low loss and higher withstand voltages.

To meet these needs, ROHM added 10 new models to its lineup of AEC-Q101 qualified MOSFETs that utilizes a trench gate structure. The result is the industry’s largest portfolio, available in both 650V and 1200V variants. And going forward, ROHM will strive to further improve quality and strengthen its lineup to increase device performance, reduce power consumption, and achieve greater miniaturization.

In December 2010 ROHM was the first in the world to succeed in mass producing SiC MOSFETs and continues to lead the industry in developing and mass producing SiC power devices. Particularly in the automotive market where demand is increasing, ROHM quickly established automotive-grade quality and began supplying SiC Schottky barrier diodes for on board chargers in 2012 and SiC MOSFETs for DC/DC converters and on board chargers from 2017.

Under a corporate objective of ‘Quality First’ established since its founding, ROHM utilizes a vertically integrated production system within the group that infuses superior quality into every process, from development to final testing, while also providing reliability traceability and an optimized supply chain. For SiC power devices as well, an integrated production system that covers everything from wafer fabrication to packaging is used to eliminate ‘black boxes’ during the manufacturing process, ensuring higher reliability, and quality.

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Product Lineup

(Gate Structure)
Part NumberVDS (V)ON Resistance
(typ.) (mΩ)
ID (A)PD (W)Operating
Range (ºC)
3rd Gen
(Trench Gate Structure)
SCT3017ALHRNEW65017118427-55ºC to +175ºCTO-247NAEC-Q101
2nd Gen
(Planar Gate Structure)

ROHM’s Development History of SiC Power Devices

ROHM's Development History of SiC Power Devices

The ROHM Group’s Vertically Integrated Production System

The ROHM Group’s Vertically Integrated Production System

Automotive Applications

The ROHM Group’s Vertically Integrated Production System