Super Fast Recovery Diode

RF05VAM2S is small mold type fast recovery diode for high frequency rectification.

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Product Detail

Part Number | RF05VAM2STR
Status | Recommended
Package | TUMD2M
Unit Quantity | 3000
Minimum Package Quantity | 3000
Packing Type | Taping
RoHS | Yes




Package Code




Mounting Style

Surface mount

Number of terminal




Reverse Voltage VR[V]


Average Rectified Forward Current IO[A]




Forward Voltage VF(Max.)[V]


IF @ Forward Voltage [A]


Reverse Current IR(Max.)[mA]


VR @ Reverse Current [V]




IF @ trr [mA]


IR @ trr [A]


Storage Temperature (Min.)[°C]


Storage Temperature (Max.)[°C]


Package Size [mm]

1.4x2.5 (t=0.8)

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  • Small mold type (TUMD2M)
  • High speed switching
  • Low forward voltage

Reference Design / Application Evaluation Kit

    • Reference Design - REFPDT001
    • Integrating Battery Charging Algorithm, 2.5kW LLC DCDC Converter
    • The REFPDT001 EVK is a Digital Design platform for 2.5kW DC/DC Convertor based on Full bridge LLC topology with an output 55V/ 45A with an Input DC bus volatge of 380V. The EVK supports Battery charging alogrithm with Constant voltage and constant curnt operation to be used with 48V Lithum Ion Battery.

      • Constant current operation
      • Constant Voltage operation
      • Output Over Voltage protection
      • Output Over current protection
      • Reverse Battery Protection
      • CAN Communication
      • RS485 Communication
      • LCD Interface

    • Reference Design - REFLD002
    • Laser Driver Reference Design with GaN HEMT for High-Resolution LiDAR
    • The range of uses for LiDAR sensors is expanding to include not only autonomous driving, but also applications in the industrial and infrastructure fields. LiDAR sensors are required to have longer sensing distance and higher resolution, and in addition to improving the characteristics of the laser diode, it is necessary to drive the laser diode at higher speeds and power. ROHM offers a lineup of 905nm high power narrow emission width laser diodes. (RLD90QZWx Series) Reference designs are available that includes EcoGAN™, a next-generation device capable of high-speed drive, along with a high-speed gate driver for GaN HEMTs that contribute to improved LiDAR sensor characteristics (distance and resolution) .

      • Enables high-speed driving of laser diodes - a key device in LiDAR applications
      • Includes next-gen EcoGaN™ devices
      • Built-in high-speed gate driver for GaN HEMTs (BD2311NVX-C)
      • Two circuit types: square wave and resonant

    • Application EVK - APEVK66001
    • Industrial 3.6kW Totem Pole PFC Application EVK
    • Various applications are equipped with AC/DC functions, and the Totem Pole PFC topology is the standard circuit.The TPPFCSIC-EVK-301 implements a single-phase AC/DC conversion stage in Totem Pole PFC topology. Key components are ROHM Gen.4 SiC MOSFETs (SCT4045DR) as the main high-frequency switching elements, as well as the BM61S41 single-channel isolated gate driver IC. In addition, SJ MOSFETs and auxiliary power supply, among other components from ROHM, were utilized to create a high-performance AC/DC circuit for single-phase operation.TPPFCSIC-EVK-301 reaches up to 98.5% efficiency at 230Vac.If this Totem Pole PFC reference design is coupled with a secondary stage of comparable efficiency, it becomes possible to achieve the 80+ Titanium target efficiency of power supply products. Moreover, this contributes to enhancing the Annual Performance Factor (APF) of air conditioners.

      This reference design consists of two boards. Each is shown below.

      • TPPFCSIC-EVK-201_PCB3051:Totem Pole PFC Board
      • TPPFCSIC-EVK-201_PCB3052 : AUX Power Supply Board

      The software for this reference design can be downloaded from below.
      [TPPFCSIC-EVK-301_SW.zip Download]


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