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REF66004 - Reference Design

Power and Interface solution for X9M/X9E of SemiDrive's Infotainment SoC

ROHM has developed an optimal power supply/interface reference design for SemiDrive's next-generation cockpit SoC "X9M/X9E". By providing an optimal power supply and interface reference design for the "X9M/X9E", ROHM is helping to reduce the development burden on designers and achieve the performance required by the market. SemiDrive's latest automotive SoC "X9M/X9E", for which the reference design has been developed, will contribute to the enhancement of various in-vehicle applications, including cockpits.

Click here for inquiries about SemiDrive's next-generation cockpit SoC "X9M/X9E".

  • Scalable PMIC (BD96801Q12) optimized for use with "X9M/X9E"
  • SerDes IC (BU18xMxx) optimized for automotive camera modules
  • SerDes IC (BU18xL82) supporting full HD (1,980 × 1,080 pixels) for automotive displays with multiple screens
  • Interface IC (BU92RTF82) that contributes to functional safety of in-vehicle displays
  • Automotive 2.7V to 5.5V Input, 12A 1ch, Buck DC-DC Converter IC Integrated FET (BD9SA01F80)

This reference design consists of three boards. Each is shown below.

  • REF66004-EVK-001 (Core Board)
  • REF66004-EVK-002 (SerDes Board)
  • REF66004-EVK-003 (Display Board)

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Board Number Board Type Include
REF66004-EVK-001 Core Board X9M
REF66004-EVK-002 SerDes Board Camera SerDes IC, Display SerDes IC, PMIC
REF66004-EVK-003 Display Board Display SerDes IC, Interface IC, LED Driver, PMIC

Distribution Inventory

Board Number Distributor Quantity Available
REF66004-EVK-001 - Contact Us
REF66004-EVK-002 - Contact Us
REF66004-EVK-003 - Contact Us

Key Components

Board Number Part Number Product Category Datasheet Status SPICE LTspice® ? Thermal Model Symbol & Footprint 3D STEP Samacsys ECAD Library Calc Tool ROHM Solution Simulator
REF66004-EVK-001 BD96801Qxx-C Switching Regulators (Power Management IC for System) - Under Development -
REF66004-EVK-001 UMD12NFHA Digital Transistors - Active - - - - -
REF66004-EVK-002 BD39031MUF-C Switching Regulators (Power Management IC for System) - Recommended -
REF66004-EVK-003 BD81A76EFV-M LED Drivers - Recommended - -
REF66004-EVK-003 BD39031MUF-C Switching Regulators (Power Management IC for System) - Recommended -
REF66004-EVK-003 RB050L-40 Schottky Barrier Diodes - Not Recommended for New Designs - - - -
REF66004-EVK-003 RBR2LAM30ATF Schottky Barrier Diodes - Recommended - - - - -
REF66004-EVK-003 RSS070N05HZG Automotive MOSFETs - Active - - -
REF66004-EVK-003 RRH100P03 12 to 150V MOSFETs - Recommended - - - -