ROHM’s New High Power 120W Laser Diode for LiDAR: Increasing Measurement Range by Reducing Wavelength Temperature Dependence by 66%
Achieves a uniform luminous intensity of 97% over the entire luminous width, contributing to higher definition LiDAR

*ROHM November 29th, 2023 study


ROHM has developed a high-power laser diode - the RLD90QZW8. It is ideal for industrial equipment and consumer applications requiring distance measurement and spatial recognition.

In recent years, LiDAR is being increasingly adopted in a wide range of applications that require automation - including AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), robot vacuums, and autonomous vehicles - where it is necessary to accurately measure distance and recognize space. In this context, there is a need to improve the performance and output of laser diodes when used as light sources to increase detection distance and accuracy.

To meet this demand, ROHM established original patented technology to achieve a narrower emission width that contributes to longer range and higher accuracy in LiDAR applications. In 2019, ROHM released a 25W laser diode RLD90QZW5 followed by a 75W laser diode RLD90QZW3 in 2021. In response to the growing market demand for even higher output, ROHM developed a new 120W laser diode.

The RLD90QZW8 is a 120W infrared high output laser diode developed for LiDAR used in distance measurement and spatial recognition in 3D ToF systems. Original device development technology allows ROHM to reduce the temperature dependence of the laser wavelength by 66% over general products, to just ⊿11.6nm (Ave. 0.10nm/°C). This makes it possible to narrow the bandpass filter while extending the detection range of LiDAR. At the same time, a uniform light intensity of 97% is achieved over the industry's smallest class* of emission width of 270µm, representing a range of 264µm that contributes to higher resolution. Additional features that include high power-to-light conversion efficiency (PCE) enables efficient optical output that contributes to lower power consumption in LiDAR applications.

A variety of design support materials necessary for integrating and evaluating the new product is available free of charge on ROHM’s website that facilitate market introduction. In order to drive laser diodes with high nano-second order speed required for LiDAR applications, ROHM developed a reference design available now that combines ROHM’s 150V EcoGaN™ HEMT and gate drivers.

Laser Wavelength of New Product [RLD90QZW8]

ROHM has also acquired certification under the IATF 16949 automotive quality management standard for both front-end and back-end processes at its manufacturing facilities. As a result, product development of laser diodes for automotive applications (AEC-Q102 compliant) is underway, with commercialization planned by the end of 2024.

High Power Laser Diode Lineup for LiDAR

Part No. Data
Absolute Max. Ratings (Tc=25°C) Electrical-optical Characteristics (Tc=25°C)
Range [°C]
Conditions [A]
Θ⊥ [deg.]
Θ// [deg.]
NewRLD90QZW8 PDF Package
46 145 10 -40
38 120 13 20 11 905 270×10
RLD90QZW3 PDF 28 90 2 23 75 11 25 12 225×10
RLD90QZWD PDF 13 40 12 35 13 100×10
RLD90QZWB PDF 11 25 9 25 13 14 50×10
RLD90QZW5 PDF 9 14 12 70×10
RLD90QZWC PDF 11 30 11 13
RLD90QZWJ PDF 9 25 15 20 14 50×10
RLD90QZWA PDF 6 17 5 15 13 35×10

Application Examples

Consumer: Robot vacuums, Laser rangefinders
Industrial: AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), service robots, 3D monitoring systems (sensors for human/object detection)
and more...

Support Page

A broad range of design data is available on ROHM’s website free of charge, including simulation (SPICE) models, board development data, and application notes on drive circuit design necessary for integration and evaluation that supports quick market introduction. Click on the URL below for more information.
■ RLD90QZW8 Product Page:

Reference Designs

Reference designs for LiDAR incorporating these new products together with ROHM’s 150V EcoGaN™ and high-speed gate driver (BD2311NVX series) are now available on ROHM’s website.
Reference Design Part Nos.
REFLD002-1<Square Wave Circuit>
(120W High Power Laser Diode [RLD90QZW8] built-in)
REFLD002-2<Resonant Circuit>
(75W High Power Laser Diode [RLD90QZW3] built-in)

EcoGaN™ is a trademark or registered trademark of ROHM Co., Ltd.

Reference Design for LiDAR

Online Sales Information

Sales Launch Date: September 2023
Pricing: $30.0/unit (samples, excluding tax)
Online Distributors: DigiKey, Mouser and Farnell
The product will be offered at other online distributors as they become available.
Target Product: RLD90QZW8-00A

Online Distributors

  • DigiKey
  • Mouser
  • Farnell


Short for Light Detection and Ranging, a type of application that uses ToF (Time of Flight) system (comprised of a light source and ToF or image sensor) to sense ambient conditions.
3D ToF System
An abbreviation for Time of Flight, a spatial measurement system which, as its name implies, measures the flight time of a light source. Refers to a system that uses ToF to perform 3D spatial recognition and distance measurement.
Bandpass Filter
A filter that allows only signals in a specific light wavelength band to pass through. In optical devices, a narrow bandpass filter range allows for efficient extraction of light close to the peak waveform. This minimizes the effects of disturbance light noise such as sunlight, enabling lower power consumption at the same distance or longer range at the same optical output.
How LiDAR Works Using 3D ToF and Bandpass Filter
IATF 16949
IATF is the short for International Automotive Task Force, a quality management standard for the automotive industry. Based on the international standard ISO 9001 with additional specific requirements, compliance with IATF 16949 enables automakers and suppliers to meet international quality standards.
AEC stands for Automotive Electronics Council, an organization (comprised of major automotive manufacturers and US electronic component makers) responsible for establishing reliability standards for automotive electronics. Q102 is a standard specifically intended for optical devices.


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